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Web Development Technobabble

Web Development Technobabble

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Learn some terminology involved in web design and development

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  • Bounce rate

    Viewer count who leaves after one page

  • Magic

    Complex code hiding behind simple UI

  • Wizard

    Works magic by guiding through complex process step-by-step

  • Back-end

    Hidden stuff like content management or processing

  • Caching

    Stuff is saved to disc, so it won't need to redownload.

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

    Styles your pages

  • HTML

    Basic markup for web documents, and writing texts

  • PHP

    Processes databases and adds scripting to your page

  • JavaScript

    Scripting adds interactivity to your site

  • CMS

    Content Management System

  • Framework

    Prebuilt pages that make everything easier

  • Domain

    The location of your site, like ""

  • XML

    eXtensible Markup Language

  • Front-end

    What the user sees


    Hypertext Transfer Protocol - Secured

  • Landing page

    Where visitors are *expected* to go

  • Semantic markup

    Tags that describe the role the content plays