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Chemical Engineering Board Exam

Chemical Engineering Board Exam

Last update 

Comprises of questions for General Engineering, Physical and Chemical Principles, and Chemical Engineering

Items (16)

  • Materials capable of conducting heat have _______ thermal conductivity


  • Ratio of the internal thermal resistance of a solid to the boundary layer thermal resistance


  • Spectral distribution of a perfect emitter is maximum and the corresponding wavelength depends on temperature.

    Wien's Law

  • At minimum reflux ratio, the number of plates is


  • In batch open steam distillation, the solution to be open steam distilled should

    be completely miscible in water

  • When the relative volatility of two miscible components are close to unity, the components can be separated by

    Extractive Distillation

  • When the feed to the rectifying column is saturated, feed line is


  • Vacuum Distillation is done to

    reduce the number of trays in the column

  • The degrees of freedom for a Binary distillation process, according to Gibb's phase rule, is


  • Unit operation of separating miscible liquids through heat and mass transfer


  • A thorough and systematic analysis of all factors that affect the possibility of success of a proposed undertaking usually dealing with the market, technical, financial, socio-economic, and management aspects

    Project Feasibility Study

  • The ratio of the diameter and height of a circular cylindrical tank that will require the minimum amount of metal to make it


  • Concentration profile of a Binary Unicomponent Diffusion along the diffusion path


  • Fick's law of diffusion gives the rate of diffusion based on _________ driving force


  • For a gas phase diffusion, unicomponent diffusion through a gas-liquid interface will likely to occur if

    one component is soluble and the other is not

  • Represents the total mass transferred to mass transferred by molecular diffusion

    Sherwood number