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JIRA Shortcuts: Issue Actions

JIRA Shortcuts: Issue Actions

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Find your way around JIRA by Atlassian and become a power user with this handy shortcuts pack. Welcome to UnlockYourBrain! Join millions of people already learning for free with UnlockYourBrain! Every time you unlock your phone, you learn a little. The algorithm makes sure, you are always optimally challenged, and unlocking takes no longer then before. It’s fast, it’s unforgettable and it’s academically validated to be effective.

Items (18)

  • e

    edit issue

  • a

    assign issue

  • i

    assign to me

  • m

    comment on issue

  • s

    share issue

  • l

    edit issue label

  • , (comma)

    jump to fields for editing

  • t

    log work on issue

  • p

    plan time on issue

  • w

    log work with tempo

  • / (slash)


  • c

    create an issue

  • ?

    open help

  • Enter

    view selecter issue

  • j

    previous issue

  • k

    next issue

  • g then d

    go to dashboard

  • g then p

    browse to project