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Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

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  • PaO2 criteria for continuous or intermittent long-term oxygen therapy in COPD?

    PaO2 55 mmhg

  • Elevations in II, III, aVF?

    Inferior, RCA

  • Elevations in V2-V4?

    Anterior, LAD

  • Elevation in I, aVL, V5, V6

    Lateral, left circumflex

  • O2 sat criteria for cont or intermittent long-term O2 therapy in COPD?

    O2 sat < 88%

  • Other criteria for continuous O2 therapy in COPD?

    polycythemia >55% hct, cor pulmonale, pulmonary hyptertension,

  • Early valsalva (strain)?

    Decrease venous return. Decrease all except HCM, MVP

  • Late valsalva (release)?

    Increased venous return. Increase right sided murmurs.

  • Cat scratch disease (B. henselae)

    Diagnose: Antibody test or positive warthin starry stain of tissue. Azithromax x 5 days.

  • Standing to heart and murmurs

    Decr venous return. HCM, MVP louder

  • What squatting does to heart

    Incr venous return, afterload, regurgitant fraction

  • What squatting does to murmurs

    Louder: AR, MR, VSD. Softer: HCM, MVP

  • What handgrip does to heart

    Increase afterload, blood pressure, regurgitant fraction

  • What handgrip does to murmurs

    Louder: AR, MR, VSD. Softer: HCM, AS

  • Definition of pulmonary HTN?

    Mean pulmonary arterial pressure >25mmHg at rest, 30 mmHg with exercise

  • PCP pneumonia treatment?

    Bactrim. If pO2<70mmHg RA or A-a gradient >35, then add corticosteroids.

  • Middle Mediastinal mass?

    Bronchogenic cyst, tracheal tumors, pericardial cyst, lymphoma, enlarged lymph node, aortic arch aneurysm

  • Anterior mediastinal mass?

    Thymoma (think myasthenia), retrosternal thyroid, teratoma, lymphoma

  • Posterior mediastinal mass?

    Neurogenic tumor: meningocele, lymphoma, enteric cyst, diaphragmatic hernia, esophageal tumor, aortic aneurysm

  • Digoxin toxicity

    Atrial tachycardia with AV block