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Direct Hits Vocabulary

Direct Hits Vocabulary

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Direct Hits Vocabulary

Items (387)

  • Morose/Despondent

    very depressed

  • Impasse

    failure to reach an agreement

  • Anachronism

    not in the proper time period

  • Belie

    to give a false impression

  • Mitigate/Mollify/Assuage/Alleviate

    to ease, relieve, lessen

  • Covet

    to strongly desire; to crave

  • Antithesis/antipodal

    direct opposite

  • Prototype

    an original model

  • Aloof

    detached, reserved

  • Trite


  • Antecedent/Forerunner

    a preceding event

  • Plausible


  • Prudent

    careful, cautious

  • Aesthetic

    an appreciation of what is beautiful or attractive

  • Paradox

    a seeming contraction that expresses a truth

  • Enigmatic/Inscrutable

    mysterious; baffling

  • Acquiesce

    to comply

  • Naïve/Credulous


  • Autonomous


  • Futile

    doomed to failure

  • Indigenous/Endemic

    native to an area

  • Ubiquitous/Prevalent

    everywhere, widespread, prevalent

  • Pandemic

    widespread epidemic

  • Fortitude

    strength of mind

  • Diminutive

    very small

  • Archaic

    out of date

  • Exhort

    to strongly encourage

  • Antipathy/Animosity

    strong dislike

  • Digress

    to depart from a subject

  • Tenacious

    showing great determination

  • Indulgent

    overly tolerant

  • Polarize/divisive

    to break into opposing factions

  • Nebulous

    vague, lacking a fully developed form

  • Analogy

    a similarity or likeness

  • Fleeting/Ephemeral

    very brief, short lived

  • Penchant/Predilection

    a preference for something; inclination

  • Capricious/Mercurial

    fickle, constant shifting moods

  • Boorish/Uncouth

    vulgar, crude

  • Indignant

    outrage at something that is unjust

  • Innuendo

    a veiled reference

  • Thwart/stymie

    to stop; frustrate

  • Adroit,deft,dexterous


  • Admonish

    to earnestly caution

  • Incontrovertible

    indisputable, beyond doubt

  • Voracious/Ravenous

    huge appetite, cannot be satisfied, insatiable

  • Callous


  • Intrepid/Undaunted

    fearless, courageous

  • Nonchalant

    casual indifference

  • Convoluted

    twisted, intricate

  • Itinerant

    mobile, not sedentary

  • Poignant

    touching, heartrending

  • Impetus

    a stimulus or encouragement

  • Bucolic,rustic,pastoral

    charmingly rural

  • Equanimity

    calmness, composure

  • Panache/Verve

    dash and flamboyant

  • Provocative

    provokes controversy

  • Placid/serene

    very clam, quiet

  • Fortuitous

    an accidental but fortunate occurrence

  • Dispel

    to drive away, scatter

  • Amalgam

    a mixture, combination of different elements

  • Viable/feasible


  • Anguish

    agonizing physical or mental pain

  • Intemperate

    lacking restraint, excessive

  • Superficial

    shallow, lacking depth

  • Laud,extol,tout,acclaim

    praise, applaud

  • Dismissive

    to reject, disregard

  • Disparage

    belittle, slight

  • Pompous

    pretentious, filled with excessive self

  • Cryptic

    mysterious, having a hidden meaning

  • Subtle

    a gradual, almost imperceptible change

  • Disparity

    an inequality, an imbalance

  • Curtail

    to cut short or reduce

  • Innocuous


  • Diatribe,tirade

    a bitter denunciation

  • Charlatan

    a fake, a fraud, a cheat

  • Skeptic

    a doubter

  • Rhetorician

    an eloquent writer or speaker

  • Hedonist

    seeker of pleasure

  • Ascetic

    a person who leads a life of self

  • Raconteur

    a person who excels in telling anecdotes

  • Iconoclast

    someone who attacks cherished ideas and institutions

  • Dilettante

    an amateur or dabbler

  • Partisan

    a person with biased beliefs

  • Mentor

    a teacher, a guide

  • Demagogue

    a speaker who appeals to emotions, fear or prejudices

  • Automation

    a person who acts in a mechanical fashion, a mindless follower

  • Recluse

    a person who leads a secluded solitary life

  • Bungler

    a clumsy or inept person

  • Clairvoyant

    a person who uses intuition to see into the future

  • Prognosticator

    a person who makes predictions based upon data

  • Pundit

    a professional commentator

  • Zealot

    a very enthusiastic person

  • Neophyte,novice,greenhorn

    a beginner

  • Benefactor

    a person who gives gifts

  • Benefi9ciary

    a person who receives benefits

  • Dissembler/Prevaricator

    a liar, deceiver

  • Proponent/advocate

    a champion of a cause

  • Prodigy

    a young genius

  • Oracle

    a person who is a source of wise counsel and prophetic advice

  • Misanthrope

    a person who hates humankind

  • Innovator

    a person who introduces something new

  • Sycophant/Obsequious

    a person who behaves in a servile manner, a toady

  • Stoic

    a person who is impassive and emotionless

  • Reprobate

    a morally unprincipled person

  • Renegade

    a disloyal person

  • Draconian

    very strict laws and rules

  • Laconic,succinct,terse

    very concise, brief

  • Spartan,austere


  • Halcyon

    idyllically calm and tranquil

  • Sophistry

    a deliberately misleading argument

  • Chimerical

    a fantastic scheme, unchecked imagination

  • Ostracize

    to deliberately exclude from a group

  • Impecunious

    poor, penniless, not affluent

  • Nefarious

    extremely wicked, vile

  • Jovial/jocular


  • Dirge

    a funeral hymn, mournful music

  • Maudlin

    excessively sentimental

  • Quixotic

    foolishly impractical

  • Pandemonium

    a wild uproar, tumult

  • Martinet

    a strict disciplinarian

  • Fiasco/Debacle

    a complete failure

  • Bowdlerize

    to remove or delete objectionable parts of a book

  • Galvanize

    to electrify, stire into action

  • Picayune

    something of small value, petty, trifling

  • Gerrymander

    to divide a district so as to give one side an advantage

  • Maverick

    an independent person

  • Juggernaut

    an irresistible force

  • Serendipity

    an accidental but fortunate discovery

  • Zenithandapex

    the highest point

  • Nadir

    the lowest point

  • Expunge,excise,expurgate

    delete, remove

  • Eccentric

    An odd, unconventional person

  • Extricate

    to get out of a difficult situation

  • Exemplary


  • Enumerate

    to list, to tick off

  • Elusive

    out of reach, difficult to catch

  • Exorbitant

    unreasonably expensive

  • Repudiate,recant,renounce

    to take back, disavow

  • Redundant

    doing or saying something again and again

  • Relinquish

    to give something back

  • Resilient

    to bounce back

  • Reaffirm

    to assert again

  • Reticent

    to hold back one's thoughts and feelings

  • Rebuff

    to repel or drive back, to reject

  • Renovate

    to make new again

  • Rejuvenate

    to make young again

  • Resurgent

    to rise again, surge back

  • Deleterious

    harmful, injurious

  • Decry

    to express strong disapproval

  • Despondent,forlorn

    feeling downcast, dejected

  • Denounce

    to speak against

  • Demise

    the final ending of something, the downfall

  • Debunk

    to put down by exposing false claims

  • Deride

    to put down with contemptuous jeering

  • Devoid

    completely lacking in something

  • Impeccable

    faultless, perfect

  • Implacable

    not capable of being appeased

  • Inexorable

    relentless, unstoppable

  • Incoherent

    lacking organization or lock

  • Insurmountable

    not being capable of overcome

  • Irreverent

    lacking proper respect, disrespectful

  • Circumspect,prudent

    cautious, careful

  • Circuitous

    circular and therefore indirect

  • Circumvent

    to avoid by artful maneuvering

  • Circumscribe

    to narrowly restrict, to limit action, to draw a line around

  • Magnanimous

    generous and forgiving

  • Erroneous

    filled with errors, wrongs

  • Momentous

    of great importance

  • Mellifluous

    smooth and sweet flowing

  • Ominous

    threatening and menacing

  • Acrimonious

    great bitterness

  • Copious

    abundant, a great amount

  • Abstemious

    moderate in eating and drinking

  • Malodorous

    foul smelling

  • Tedious

    boring and tiresome

  • Synopsis

    a brief summary

  • Simile

    a figure of speech using like or as to compare two unlike thing

  • Metaphor

    a figure of speech comparing two unlike things

  • Irony

    things are not what they are said to be or what they seem

  • Satire

    a work that ridicules human vices and foibles

  • Hyperbole

    an exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect

  • Caricature

    a deliberately exaggerated portrait

  • Epic

    a long narrative poem

  • Saga

    a long narrative story

  • Euphony

    soothing, pleasant sound

  • Cacophony

    jarring, grating sound

  • Foreshadow

    suggest or indicate a future action, presage

  • Subplot

    a secondary plot in fiction or drama

  • Memoir

    a personal journal

  • Anecdote

    a short account of an interesting incident

  • Eulogy

    a laudatory speech or written tribute

  • Allusion

    an indirect or brief reference ot a person, place or event

  • Catalyst

    an agent that provokes or triggers a change

  • Caustic

    a stinging or bitter remark

  • Synthetic

    produced artificially

  • Osmosis

    a gradual often unconscious process of assimilation

  • Sedentary

    settled, not mobile

  • Virulent

    very toxic or poisonous

  • Empirical

    guided by practical experience and not theory

  • Entomology

    the scientific study of insects

  • Gestate

    to conceive and develop in the mind

  • Paradigm

    a framework or model of thought

  • Entrepreneur

    a person who organizes and runes a business

  • Lucrative

    very profitable

  • Extravagant


  • Avarice

    excessive greed

  • Glut,plethora,surfeit

    a surplus

  • Paucity

    a shortage

  • Destitute,impoverished,indigent

    very poor

  • Affluent,opulent

    very wealthy

  • Munificent

    very generous

  • Parsimonious

    excessively cheap, stingy

  • Depreciation

    a decrease in value

  • Remunerate

    to compensate, a salary

  • Accord

    a formal agreement

  • Enlighten

    to illuminate

  • Appeasement

    to grant concessions to maintain peace

  • Nullify

    to make null, declare invalid

  • Triumvirate

    a group of three leaders

  • Pretext

    an excuse, an alleged cause

  • Watershed

    a critical turning point

  • Consensus

    a general agreement

  • Autocrat,despot

    a ruler with unlimited power

  • Manifesto

    a public declaration of beliefs

  • Enfranchise

    to receive the right to vote

  • Disenfranchise

    to lose the right to vote

  • Coerce

    to compel someone to do something

  • Egalitarian

    belief in a society based upon equality

  • Belligerent

    hostile and aggressive, warlike

  • Inquisition

    a severe interrogation, a systematic questioning

  • Ameliorate

    to make better

  • Exacerbate

    to make worse

  • Contiguous

    sharing an edge or boundary, touching

  • Desiccate

    to thoroughly dry out, totally arid

  • Pertinent

    relevant and to the point

  • Complicity

    association or participation in a wrongful act

  • Exonerate,exculpate

    to free from blame or guilt

  • Indisputable

    not open to question; irrefutable

  • Precedent

    an action or decision that serves as an example

  • Unprecedented

    without a previous example

  • Malfeasance

    misconduct or wrongdoing by a public official

  • Arrest

    to bring to a stop, halt

  • Gravity

    a serious situation or problem

  • Precipitate

    result or outcome of an action

  • Relief

    elevation of a land surface

  • Check

    to restrain, halt, contain

  • Flag

    to become weak, to lose interest

  • Discriminating

    selective or refined taste

  • Eclipse

    overshadow, surpass

  • Coin

    to devise a new word or phrase

  • Stock

    a stereotypical or formulaic character

  • Currency

    general acceptance or use

  • Bent

    a strong tendency, a leaning or inclination

  • Court

    to attempt to gain the favor or support of a person or group

  • Negotiate

    to successfully travel through, around and over an obstacle

  • Temper

    to soften, moderate

  • Pedestrian

    undistinguished, ordinary, conventional

  • Cavalier

    an arrogant attitude

  • Sanction

    official approval, disapproval of an action

  • Compromise

    to reduce quality or value of something

  • Channel

    to direct along a desired course

  • Scathing

    harshly critical

  • Quiescent

    inactive, very quiet

  • Provisional


  • Lurid

    sensational, shocking

  • Truculent,pugnacious

    defiantly aggressive, eager to fight

  • Propitiate

    to appease, conciliate

  • Elan

    great enthusiasm

  • Perfunctory

    performed in a mechanical, spiritless manner

  • Aplomb

    admirable poise under pressure

  • Opacity

    impenetrably dense, hard to understand

  • Craven


  • Venal

    corrupt, open to bribery

  • Licentious,dissolute

    immoral, debauched

  • Noxious

    harmful, injurious to physical mental or moral health

  • Superfluous,extraneous

    unnecessary, extra

  • Duplicitous

    deliberate deceptiveness

  • Profligate

    very wasteful, especially of time and money

  • Epiphany

    a sudden realization

  • Insidious

    causing harm in a subtle or stealthy manner, devious

  • Vacuous

    empty, lacking serious purpose

  • Harbinger,portent,presage

    an omen that something will happen

  • Beleaguer

    to be beset with problems

  • Burgeon

    to rapidly grow and expand

  • Imperious

    domineering and arrogant

  • Petulant

    peevish, irritable

  • Complaisant

    agreeable, amiable

  • Fawn

    to behave in a servile manner, subservient

  • Obdurate.Intractable

    very stubborn, unyielding

  • Redolent

    exuding fragrance

  • Chicanery

    deception by artful subterfuge, deliberate trickery

  • Conundrum

    a difficult problem, a dilemma with no easy solution

  • Slight

    a disrespectful or disparaging remark, a put down

  • Capitulate

    to surrender, comply without protest

  • Disheartening

    very discouraged

  • Apocryphal

    of questionable authenticity

  • Magisterial

    learned and authoritative

  • Plasticity,malleable,pliable

    can be molded into any shape

  • Chagrin

    feeling of distress caused by humiliation or embarrassment

  • Obstreperous

    noisily and stubbornly defiant, boisterous

  • Idyllic

    charmingly simple and carefree

  • Dilapidated


  • Extemporize

    to speak without notes

  • Myriad

    many, numerous

  • Ungainly

    awkward, clumsy

  • Dilatory

    Habitually late, tardy

  • Vituperative

    bitter criticism

  • Discordant

    a note of disharmony

  • Perfidious

    treacherous, traitorous

  • Supine

    lying on one's back

  • Indomitable,resolute

    very determined

  • Moribund

    approaching death

  • Nuance

    a slight degree of difference

  • Flippant

    treating serious matters lightly

  • Credulous

    easy convinced, gullible

  • Florid

    very flowery, excessively ornate

  • Excoriate,lambaste

    to express strong disapproval

  • Interloper

    an intruder, a gatecrasher

  • Cerebral

    intellectual rather than emotional

  • Visceral

    instinctive rather than rational

  • Nonplussed

    completely puzzled

  • Flamboyant


  • Idiosyncrasy

    a trait or mannerism peculiar to an individual

  • Censorious

    highly critical

  • Consternation

    a state of great dismay and confusion

  • Didactic,edify

    intended to provide instruction

  • Elucidate

    to make clear or plain

  • Effusive

    unrestrained praise

  • Prolific

    very productive

  • Furor

    a general commotion, an uproar

  • Paranoia

    irrational fear

  • Marginal

    of secondary importance, not central

  • Obfuscate

    to deliberately confuse

  • Flummox

    to confuse, perplex

  • Spate

    a large number or amount

  • Ineffable

    a feeling that cannot be put into words

  • Histrionic

    excessively dramatic

  • Placate

    to soothe or calm

  • Eschew

    to avoid

  • Stopgap

    a temporary solution

  • Flotsam

    floating wreckage, debris

  • Restitution

    compensation for a loss

  • Churlish,sullen,surly


  • Disquieting

    disturbing, upsetting

  • Ornate

    characterized by elaborate and expensive decorations, lavish

  • Execrable,odious,repugnant

    detestable and repulsive

  • Perspicacious,prescient,discerning

    very insightful

  • Eclectic

    using a variety of sources

  • Hiatus

    an interruption in time or continuity, a break

  • Vertiginous


  • Esoteric,arcane

    obscure information known by a few people

  • Supercilious

    haughty, arrogant

  • Cupidity

    excessive greed

  • Underwrite

    to assume financial responsibility for a project

  • Discomfited

    to make uneasy, state of embarrassment

  • Taciturn

    habitually quiet

  • Sinecure

    a job that provides income but requires little work

  • Lugubrious

    sad and mournful music

  • Cosmopolitan

    worldly, sophisticated

  • Provincial,parochial,insular

    isolated from mainstream

  • Fecund

    intellectually productive or inventive

  • Ostentatious


  • Guile

    treacherous cunning, skillful deceit

  • Sanguine

    cheerfully confident, optimistic

  • Scintillating

    sparkling, shining

  • Pristine

    pure and uncorrupted

  • Rampant

    unrestrained, unchecked

  • Pernicious

    highly injurious, destructive

  • Oblivious


  • Refractory

    obstinately resistant to authority or control

  • Garrulous,verbose,loquacious

    very talkative

  • Convivial

    found of feasting, drinking and good company

  • Brusque,curt

    abrupt, discourteously blunt

  • Tepid

    lukewarm, mild

  • Protean

    taking on many shakes and forms

  • Solicitous

    showing great care, attentive

  • Disingenuous

    not candid, insincere

  • Venerate,revere

    to greatly respect

  • Contentious

    argumentative, disputatious

  • Preclude

    to make impossible, to rule out

  • Compunction,contrition,remorse

    sincere and deep regret

  • Demography

    the study of the characteristics of human populations

  • Axiom

    a statement universally accepted as true, a maxim

  • Hackneyed


  • Pedestrain

    lacking inspiration/excitement

  • Platitudinous


  • Banal

    unoriginal and boring