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SAT Vocab (1/25)

SAT Vocab (1/25)

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This course contains the most important words needed for SAT excellence.

Items (37)

  • adorn (v.)

    to decorate<p>"We adorned the tree with ornaments."</p>

  • terrestrial (adj.)

    relating to the land<p>"Elephants are terrestrial animals."</p>

  • immutable (adj.)

    not changeable<p>"The laws of physics are immutable and constant."</p>

  • cajole (v.)

    to urge, coax<p>"Fred's buddies cajoled him into attending the bachelor party."</p>

  • convene (v.)

    to call together<p>"Jason convened his entire extended family for a discussion."</p>

  • copious (adj.)

    profuse, abundant<p>"Copious amounts of Snapple were available in the cafeteria."</p>

  • alias (n.)

    a false name or identity<p>"He snuck past the guards by using an alias and fake ID."</p>

  • docile (adj.)

    easily taught or trained<p>"She successfully taught the docile puppy several tricks."</p>

  • confidant (n.)

    a person entrusted with secrets<p>"Shortly after we met, she became my chief confidant."</p>

  • scrupulous (adj.)

    painstaking, careful<p>"With scrupulous care, Sam cut a snowflake out of white paper."</p>

  • mandate (v.)

    to authoritatively command something<p>"In the Old Testament, God mandates that no one should steal."</p>

  • inviolable (adj.)

    secure from assault<p>"Nobody was ever able to break into Batman's inviolable Batcave."</p>

  • dispatch (v.)

    to send off to accomplish a duty<p>"The carpenter dispatched his assistant to fetch wood."</p>

  • appraise (v.)

    to assess the worth or value of<p>"A realtor will come over tonight to appraise our house."</p>

  • artisan (n.)

    a craftsman<p>"The artisan uses wood to make walking sticks."</p>

  • fortitude (n.)

    strength, guts<p>"Achilles' fortitude in battle is legendary."</p>

  • placid (adj.)

    calm, peaceful<p>"The placid lake surface was as smooth as glass."</p>

  • carouse (v.)

    to party, celebrate<p>"We caroused all night after getting married."</p>

  • yoke (v.)

    to join, link<p>"We yoked together the logs by tying a string around them."</p>

  • bequeath (v.)

    to pass on, give<p>"Jon's father bequeathed his entire estate to his mother."</p>

  • capacious (adj.)

    very spacious<p>"The workers delighted in their new capacious office space."</p>

  • revel (v.)

    to enjoy intensely<p>"Theodore reveled in his new status as Big Man on Campus."</p>

  • resplendent (adj.)

    shiny, glowing<p>"The partygoers were resplendent in diamonds and fancy dress."</p>

  • congenial (adj.)

    pleasantly agreeable<p>"His congenial manner made him popular wherever he went."</p>

  • tranquil (adj.)

    calm<p>"There is a time of night when nothing moves and everything is tranquil."</p>

  • exalt (v.)

    to glorify, praise<p>"Michael Jordan is the figure in basketball we exalt the most."</p>

  • adept (adj.)

    extremely skilled<p>"Tarzan was adept at jumping from tree to tree like a monkey."</p>

  • forsake (v.)

    to give up, renounce<p>"My New Year's resolution is to forsake smoking and drinking."</p>

  • espouse (v.)

    to take up as a cause, support<p>"I love animals so much that I espouse animal rights."</p>

  • conciliatory (adj.)

    friendly, agreeable<p>"I took Amanda's invitation to dinner as a very conciliatory gesture."</p>

  • figurative (adj.)

    symbolic<p>"Using figurative language, Jane likened the storm to an angry bull."</p>

  • fetter (v.)

    to chain, restrain<p>"The dog was fettered to the parking meter."</p>

  • curtail (v.)

    to lessen, reduce<p>"Since losing his job, he had to curtail his spending."</p>

  • morose (adj.)

    gloomy or sullen<p>"Jason's morose nature made him very unpleasant to talk to."</p>

  • capitulate (v.)

    to surrender<p>"The army finally capitulated after fighting a long and costly battle."</p>

  • denounce (v.)

    to criticize publicly<p>"The senator denounced her opponent as a greedy politician."</p>

  • appease (v.)

    to calm, satisfy<p>"When my baby brother cries, our mother appeases him with candy."</p>