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SAT Vocab (3/25)

SAT Vocab (3/25)

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This course contains the most important words needed for SAT excellence.

Items (37)

  • execrable (adj.)

    loathsome, detestable<p>"Her pudding is so execrable that it makes me sick."</p>

  • compress (v.)

    to apply pressure, squeeze together<p>"Lynn compressed her lips into a frown."</p>

  • refract (v.)

    to distort, change<p>"The light was refracted as it passed through the prism."</p>

  • condone (v.)

    to pardon, deliberately overlook<p>"He refused to condone his brother's crime."</p>

  • balk (v.)

    to stop, block abruptly<p>"Edna's boss balked at her request for another raise."</p>

  • tremulous (adj.)

    fearful<p>"I always feel a trifle tremulous when walking through a graveyard."</p>

  • arboreal (adj.)

    of or relating to trees<p>"Leaves, roots, and bark are a few arboreal traits."</p>

  • effervescent (adj.)

    bubbly, lively<p>"My friend is so effervescent that she makes everyone smile."</p>

  • speculative (adj.)

    not based in fact<p>"Sadly, Tessa was convicted on merely speculative evidence."</p>

  • deride (v.)

    to laugh at mockingly, scorn<p>"The bullies derided the foreign student's accent."</p>

  • audible (adj.)

    able to be heard<p>"The missing person's shouts were unfortunately not audible."</p>

  • desiccated (adj.)

    dried up, dehydrated<p>"The skin of the desiccated mummy looked like old paper."</p>

  • vitriolic (adj.)

    having a caustic quality<p>"When angry, the woman would spew vitriolic insults."</p>

  • feral (adj.)

    wild, savage<p>"That beast looks so feral that I would fear being alone with it."</p>

  • tractable (adj.)

    easily controlled<p>"The horse was so tractable, Myra didn't even need a bridle."</p>

  • coagulate (v.)

    to thicken, clot<p>"The top layer of the pudding had coagulated into a thick skin."</p>

  • brusque (adj.)

    short, abrupt, dismissive<p>"The captain's brusque manner offended the passengers."</p>

  • callous (adj.)

    harsh, cold, unfeeling<p>"The murderer's callous lack of remorse shocked the jury."</p>

  • clemency (n.)

    mercy<p>"After he forgot their anniversary, Martin could only beg Maria for clemency."</p>

  • salutation (n.)

    a greeting<p>"Andrew regularly began letters with the bizarre salutation "Ahoy ahoy."</p>

  • impecunious (adj.)

    poor<p>"I fear he's too impecunious to take me out tonight, the bratty girl whined."</p>

  • querulous (adj.)

    whiny, complaining<p>"If deprived of his pacifier, young Brendan becomes querulous."</p>

  • anonymous (adj.)

    being unknown, unrecognized<p>"Mary received a love poem from an anonymous admirer."</p>

  • diminutive (adj.)

    small or miniature<p>"The bullies, tall and strong, picked on the diminutive child."</p>

  • circuitous (adj.)

    roundabout<p>"The bus's circuitous route took us through numerous outlying suburbs."</p>

  • aspire (v.)

    to long for, aim toward<p>"The young poet aspires to publish a book of verse someday."</p>

  • eschew (v.)

    to shun, avoid<p>"George hates the color green so much that he eschews all green food."</p>

  • convoluted (adj.)

    intricate, complicated<p>"Grace's story was so convoluted that I couldn't follow it."</p>

  • vociferous (adj.)

    loud, boisterous<p>"I'm tired of his vociferous whining so I'm breaking up with him."</p>

  • respite (n.)

    a break, rest<p>"Justin left the pub to gain a brief respite from the smoke and noise."</p>

  • counteract (v.)

    to neutralize, make ineffective<p>"The antidote counteracted the effect of the poison."</p>

  • florid (adj.)

    flowery, ornate<p>"The writer's florid prose belongs on a sentimental Hallmark card."</p>

  • avarice (n.)

    excessive greed<p>"The banker's avarice led him to amass a tremendous personal fortune."</p>

  • entail (v.)

    to include as a necessary step<p>"Building a new fence entails tearing down the old one."</p>

  • prosaic (adj.)

    plain, lacking liveliness<p>"Heather's prosaic recital of the poem bored the audience."</p>

  • anathema (n.)

    a cursed, detested person<p>"I never want to see that murderer. He is an anathema to me."</p>

  • chide (v.)

    to voice disapproval<p>"Lucy chided Russell for his vulgar habits and sloppy appearance."</p>