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SAT Vocab (4/25)

SAT Vocab (4/25)

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This course contains the most important words needed for SAT excellence.

Items (37)

  • hapless (adj.)

    unlucky<p>"My poor, hapless family never seems to pick a sunny week to go on vacation."</p>

  • concoct (v.)

    to fabricate, make up<p>"She concocted the most ridiculous story to explain her absence."</p>

  • antagonism (n.)

    hostility<p>"Batman and Joker shared a mutual antagonism and often fought."</p>

  • attain (v.)

    to achieve, arrive at<p>"The athletes strived to attain their best times in competition."</p>

  • impute (v.)

    to ascribe, blame<p>"The CEO imputed the many typos in the letter to his lazy secretary."</p>

  • somnolent (adj.)

    sleepy, drowsy<p>"The somnolent student kept falling asleep and waking up with a jerk."</p>

  • verdant (adj.)

    green in tint or color<p>"The verdant leaves on the trees made the world look emerald."</p>

  • confluence (n.)

    a gathering together<p>"A confluence of different factors made tonight the perfect night."</p>

  • cultivate (v.)

    to nurture, improve, refine<p>"At the library, she cultivated her interest in spy novels."</p>

  • aquatic (adj.)

    relating to water<p>"The marine biologist studies starfish and other aquatic creatures."</p>

  • expiate (v.)

    to make amends for, atone<p>"To expiate my selfishness, I gave all my profits to charity."</p>

  • quotidian (adj.)

    daily<p>"Ambika's quotidian routines include drinking two cups of coffee in the morning."</p>

  • notorious (adj.)

    widely and unfavorably known<p>"Jacob was notorious for always arriving late at parties."</p>

  • depravity (n.)

    wickedness<p>"Rumors of the ogre's depravity made the children afraid to enter the forest."</p>

  • abduct (v.)

    to kidnap, take by force<p>"The evildoers abducted the fairy princess from her happy home."</p>

  • placate (v.)

    to ease the anger of, soothe<p>"The man purchased a lollipop to placate his irritable son."</p>

  • strident (adj.)

    harsh, loud<p>"A strident man, Captain Von Trapp yelled at his daughter and made her cry."</p>

  • ostracism (n.)

    exclusion from a group<p>"Beth risked ostracism if her roommates discovered her flatulence."</p>

  • scintillating (adj.)

    sparkling<p>"The ice skater's scintillating rhinestone costume nearly blinded the judges."</p>

  • coronation (n.)

    the act of crowning<p>"The new king's coronation occurred the day after his father's death."</p>

  • confection (n.)

    a sweet, fancy food<p>"We went to the mall food court and purchased a delicious confection."</p>

  • elated (adj.)

    overjoyed, thrilled<p>"When she found out she had won the lottery, the writer was elated."</p>

  • burnish (v.)

    to polish, shine<p>"His mother asked him to burnish the silverware before setting the table."</p>

  • corroborate (v.)

    to support with evidence<p>"Luke's seemingly outrageous claim was corroborated by witnesses."</p>

  • appropriate (v.)

    to take, make use of<p>"The government appropriated the farmer's land without justification."</p>

  • aerial (adj.)

    somehow related to the air<p>"We watched as the fighter planes conducted aerial maneuvers."</p>

  • concede (v.)

    to accept as valid<p>"Andrew had to concede that what his mother said about Diana made sense."</p>

  • compunction (n.)

    distress caused by feeling guilty<p>"He felt compunction for the shabby way he'd treated her."</p>

  • divisive (adj.)

    causing dissent, discord<p>"Her divisive tactics turned her two friends against each other."</p>

  • raucous (adj.)

    loud, boisterous<p>"Sarah's neighbors called the cops when her house party got too raucous."</p>

  • irrevocable (adj.)

    incapable of being taken back<p>"The Bill of Rights is an irrevocable part of American law."</p>

  • aggrieved (adj.)

    distressed, wronged, injured<p>"The foreman mercilessly overworked his aggrieved employees."</p>

  • cunning (adj.)

    sly, clever at being deceitful<p>"The general devised a cunning plan to surprise the enemy."</p>

  • infamy (n.)

    notoriety, extreme ill repute<p>"The infamy of his crime will not lessen as the decades pass."</p>

  • viscous (adj.)

    not free flowing, syrupy<p>"The viscous syrup took three minutes to pour out of the bottle."</p>

  • renown (n.)

    honor, acclaim<p>"The young writer earned international renown by winning the Pulitzer Prize."</p>

  • recapitulate (v.)

    to sum up, repeat<p>"Before the final exam, the teacher recapitulated the semester's material."</p>