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SAT Vocab (5/25)

SAT Vocab (5/25)

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This course contains the most important words needed for SAT excellence.

Items (37)

  • camaraderie (n.)

    brotherhood, jovial unity<p>"Camaraderie among employees usually leads to success in business."</p>

  • euphoric (adj.)

    elated, uplifted<p>"I was euphoric when I found out that my sister had given birth to twins."</p>

  • blandish (v.)

    to coax by using flattery<p>"Rachel's assistant tried to blandish her into accepting the deal."</p>

  • transgress (v.)

    to violate, go over a limit<p>"The criminal's actions transgressed morality and human decency."</p>

  • corrosive (adj.)

    having the tendency to erode or eat away<p>"The effect of the chemical was highly corrosive."</p>

  • profuse (adj.)

    plentiful, abundant<p>"The fans were profuse in their cheers for the star basketball player."</p>

  • raze (v.)

    to demolish, level<p>"The old tenement house was razed to make room for the large chain store."</p>

  • disseminate (v.)

    to spread widely<p>"The politician disseminated his ideas across the town before the election."</p>

  • repentant (adj.)

    penitent, sorry<p>"The repentant Dennis apologized profusely for breaking his mother's vase."</p>

  • beseech (v.)

    to beg, plead, implore<p>"The servant beseeched the king for food to feed his starving family."</p>

  • congruity (n.)

    the quality of being in agreement<p>"Bill and Veronica achieved a perfect congruity of opinion."</p>

  • deft (adj.)

    skillful, capable<p>"Having worked in a bakery for many years, Marcus was a deft bread maker."</p>

  • impetuous (adj.)

    rash; hastily done<p>"Hilda's hasty slaying of the king was an impetuous, thoughtless action."</p>

  • meager (adj.)

    deficient in size or quality<p>"My meager portion of food did nothing to satisfy my appetite."</p>

  • defile (v.)

    to make unclean, impure<p>"She defiled the calm of the religious building by playing her banjo."</p>

  • berate (v.)

    to scold vehemently<p>"The angry boss berated his employees for failing to meet their deadline."</p>

  • iridescent (adj.)

    showing rainbow colors<p>"The bride's large diamond ring was iridescent in the afternoon sun."</p>

  • fecund (adj.)

    fruitful, fertile<p>"The fecund tree bore enough apples to last us through the entire season."</p>

  • imperious (adj.)

    commanding, domineering<p>"The imperious nature of your manner led me to dislike you at once."</p>

  • catalyze (v.)

    to charge, inspire<p>"The president's speech catalyzed the nation and resuscitated the economy."</p>

  • rail (v.)

    to scold, protest<p>"The professor railed against the injustice of the college's tenure policy."</p>

  • consolation (n.)

    an act of comforting<p>"Darren found Alexandra's presence to be a consolation for his suffering."</p>

  • fidelity (n.)

    loyalty, devotion<p>"Guard dogs are known for the great fidelity they show toward their masters."</p>

  • atrophy (v.)

    to wither away, decay<p>"If muscles do not receive enough blood, they will soon atrophy and die."</p>

  • confound (v.)

    to frustrate, confuse<p>"MacGuyver confounded the policemen pursuing him by covering his tracks."</p>

  • adroit (adj.)

    skillful, dexterous<p>"The adroit thief could pick someone's pocket without attracting notice."</p>

  • munificence (n.)

    generosity in giving<p>"The royal family's munificence made everyone else in their country rich."</p>

  • swarthy (adj.)

    of dark color or complexion<p>"When he got drunk, Robinson's white skin became rather swarthy."</p>

  • obscure (adj.)

    unclear, partially hidden<p>"Because he was standing in the shadows, his features were obscured."</p>

  • consumption (n.)

    the act of consuming<p>"Consumption of intoxicating beverages is not permitted on these premises."</p>

  • quaint (adj.)

    charmingly old-fashioned<p>"Hilda was delighted by the quaint bonnets she saw in Amish country."</p>

  • largess (n.)

    the generous giving of lavish gifts<p>"My boss demonstrated great largess by giving me a new car."</p>

  • affable (adj.)

    friendly, amiable<p>"People like to be around George because he is so affable and good-natured."</p>

  • constituent (n.)

    an essential part<p>"The most important constituent of her perfume is something called ambergris."</p>

  • beguile (v.)

    to trick, deceive<p>"The thief beguiled his partners into surrendering all of their money to him."</p>

  • taciturn (adj.)

    not inclined to talk<p>"Though Jane never seems to stop talking, her brother is quite taciturn."</p>

  • rapport (n.)

    mutual understanding and harmony<p>"When Margaret met her paramour, they felt an instant rapport."</p>