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SAT Vocab (6/25)

SAT Vocab (6/25)

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This course contains the most important words needed for SAT excellence.

Items (37)

  • fallacious (adj.)

    incorrect, misleading<p>"Emily offered me cigarettes on the fallacious assumption that I smoked."</p>

  • refute (v.)

    to prove wrong<p>"Maria refuted the president's argument as she yelled and gesticulated at the TV."</p>

  • pulchritude (n.)

    physical beauty<p>"Several of Shakespeare's sonnets explore the pulchritude of a lovely young man."</p>

  • dilatory (adj.)

    tending to delay, causing delay<p>"The general's dilatory strategy enabled the enemy to regroup."</p>

  • boon (n.)

    a gift or blessing<p>"The good weather has been a boon for many businesses located near the beach."</p>

  • consensus (n.)

    an agreement of opinion<p>"The jury was able to reach a consensus only after days of deliberation."</p>

  • luminous (adj.)

    brightly shining<p>"The light of the luminous moon graced the shoulders of the beautiful maiden."</p>

  • choreography (n.)

    the arrangement of dances<p>"The plot of the musical was banal, but the choreography was stunning."</p>

  • extol (v.)

    to praise, revere<p>"Violet extolled the virtues of a vegetarian diet to her meat- loving brother."</p>

  • iniquity (n.)

    wickedness or sin<p>"Your iniquity, said the priest to the practical jokester, "will be forgiven."</p>

  • excursion (n.)

    a trip or outing<p>"After taking an excursion to the Bronx Zoo, I dreamed about pandas and monkeys."</p>

  • deprecate (v.)

    to belittle, depreciate<p>"Always over-modest, he deprecated his contribution to the local charity."</p>

  • contravene (v.)

    to contradict, oppose, violate<p>"Edwidge contravened his landlady's rule against overnight guests."</p>

  • accolade (n.)

    high praise, special distinction<p>"Everyone offered accolades to Sam after he won the Nobel Prize."</p>

  • arid (adj.)

    excessively dry<p>"Little other than palm trees and cacti grow successfully in arid environments."</p>

  • parsimony (n.)

    frugality, stinginess<p>"Many relatives believed that my aunt's wealth resulted from her parsimony."</p>

  • preclude (v.)

    to prevent<p>"My grandfather's large and vicious guard dog precluded anyone from entering the yard."</p>

  • austere (adj.)

    very bare, bleak<p>"The austere furniture inside the abandoned house made the place feel haunted."</p>

  • carp (v.)

    to annoy, pester<p>"The husband divorced his wife after listening to her carping voice for decades."</p>

  • edict (n.)

    an order, decree<p>"The ruler issued an edict requiring all of his subjects to bow down before him."</p>

  • collusion (n.)

    secret agreement, conspiracy<p>"The three law students worked in collusion to steal the final exam."</p>

  • torpid (adj.)

    lethargic, dormant, lacking motion<p>"The torpid whale floated, wallowing in the water for hours."</p>

  • consign (v.)

    to give something over to another's care<p>"Unwillingly, he consigned his mother to a nursing home."</p>

  • dearth (n.)

    a lack, scarcity<p>"An eager reader, she was dismayed by the dearth of classic books at the library."</p>

  • semaphore (n.)

    a visual signal<p>"Anne and Diana communicated with a semaphore involving candles and window shades."</p>

  • irascible (adj.)

    easily angered<p>"At the smallest provocation, my irascible cat will begin scratching and clawing."</p>

  • reproach (v.)

    to scold, disapprove<p>"Brian reproached the customer for failing to rewind the video he had rented."</p>

  • incontrovertible (adj.)

    indisputable<p>"Only stubborn Tina would attempt to disprove the incontrovertible laws of physics."</p>

  • rancid (adj.)

    having a terrible taste or smell<p>"Rob was double-dog-dared to eat the rancid egg salad sandwich."</p>

  • abet (v.)

    to aid, help, encourage<p>"The spy succeeded only because he had a friend on the inside to abet him."</p>

  • incessant (adj.)

    unending<p>"We wanted to go outside and play, but the incessant rain kept us indoors for two days."</p>

  • timorous (adj.)

    timid, fearful<p>"When dealing with the unknown, timorous Tallulah almost always broke into tears."</p>

  • rancor (n.)

    deep, bitter resentment<p>"When Eileen challenged me to a fight, I could see the rancor in her eyes."</p>

  • animated (adj.)

    lively<p>"When he begins to talk about drama, which is his true passion, he becomes very animated."</p>

  • flaccid (adj.)

    limp, not firm or strong<p>"If a plant is not watered enough, its leaves become droopy and flaccid."</p>

  • efficacious (adj.)

    effective<p>"My doctor promised me that the cold medicine was efficacious, but I'm still sniffling."</p>

  • decorous (adj.)

    socially proper, appropriate<p>"The appreciative guest displayed decorous behavior toward his host."</p>