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SAT Vocab (7/25)

SAT Vocab (7/25)

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This course contains the most important words needed for SAT excellence.

Items (37)

  • cumulative (adj.)

    increasing, building upon itself<p>"The cumulative effect of hours spent in the sun was a deep tan."</p>

  • exigent (adj.)

    urgent, critical<p>"The patient has an exigent need for medication, or else he will lose his sight."</p>

  • arcane (adj.)

    obscure, secret, known only by a few<p>"The professor is an expert in arcane Lithuanian literature."</p>

  • ardor (n.)

    extreme vigor, energy, enthusiasm<p>"The soldiers conveyed their ardor with impassioned battle cries."</p>

  • surrogate (n.)

    one acting in place of another<p>"The surrogate carried the child to term for its biological parents."</p>

  • defunct (adj.)

    no longer used or existing<p>"They planned to turn the defunct schoolhouse into a community center."</p>

  • maverick (n.)

    an independent, nonconformist person<p>"Andreas is a real maverick and always does things his own way."</p>

  • contrite (adj.)

    penitent, eager to be forgiven<p>"Blake's contrite behavior made it impossible to stay angry at him."</p>

  • propensity (n.)

    an inclination, preference<p>"Dermit has a propensity for dangerous activities such as bungee jumping."</p>

  • curt (adj.)

    abruptly and rudely short<p>"Her curt reply to my question made me realize that she was upset at me."</p>

  • forum (n.)

    a medium for lecture or discussion<p>"Some radio talk-shows provide a good forum for political debate."</p>

  • decry (v.)

    to criticize openly<p>"The kind video rental clerk decried the policy of charging customers late fees."</p>

  • petulance (n.)

    rudeness, irritability<p>"The Nanny resigned after she could no longer tolerate the child's petulance."</p>

  • discomfit (v.)

    to thwart, baffle<p>"The normally cheery and playful children's sudden misery discomfited the teacher."</p>

  • haughty (adj.)

    disdainfully proud<p>"The superstar's haughty dismissal of her costars will backfire on her someday."</p>

  • increment (n.)

    an enlargement; the process of increasing<p>"The workmen made the wall longer, increment by increment."</p>

  • constrain (v.)

    to forcibly restrict<p>"His belief in nonviolence constrained him from taking revenge on his attackers."</p>

  • chaos (n.)

    absolute disorder<p>"Mr. Thornton's sudden departure for the lavatory plunged his classroom into chaos."</p>

  • ascribe (v.)

    to assign, credit, attribute to<p>"Some ascribe the invention of fireworks and dynamite to the Chinese."</p>

  • diaphanous (adj.)

    light, airy, transparent<p>"Sunlight poured in through the diaphanous curtains, brightening the room."</p>

  • destitute (adj.)

    impoverished, utterly lacking<p>"The hurricane destroyed many homes and left many families destitute."</p>

  • subjugate (v.)

    to bring under control, subdue<p>"The invading force captured and subjugated the natives of that place."</p>

  • soluble (adj.)

    able to dissolve<p>"The plot of the spy film revolved around an untraceable and water-soluble poison."</p>

  • vapid (adj.)

    lacking liveliness, dull<p>"The professor's comments about the poem were surprisingly vapid and dull."</p>

  • servile (adj.)

    subservient<p>"The servile porter crept around the hotel lobby, bowing and quaking before the guests."</p>

  • whimsical (adj.)

    fanciful, full of whims<p>"The whimsical little girl liked to pretend that she was an elven princess."</p>

  • consecrate (v.)

    to dedicate something to a holy purpose<p>"Arvin consecrated his spare bedroom as a shrine to Christina."</p>

  • fatuous (adj.)

    silly, foolish<p>"He considers himself a serious poet, but in truth, he only writes fatuous limericks."</p>

  • cupidity (n.)

    greed, strong desire<p>"His cupidity made him enter the abandoned gold mine despite the obvious dangers."</p>

  • fetid (adj.)

    having a foul odor<p>"I can tell from the fetid smell in your refrigerator that your milk has spoiled."</p>

  • tome (n.)

    a large book<p>"In college, I used to carry around an anatomy book that was the heaviest tome in my bag."</p>

  • altercation (n.)

    a dispute, fight<p>"Jason and Lionel blamed one another for the car accident, leading to an altercation."</p>

  • insatiable (adj.)

    incapable of being satisfied<p>"My insatiable appetite for melons can be a real problem in the winter."</p>

  • sublime (adj.)

    lofty, grand, exalted<p>"The homeless man sadly pondered his former wealth and once sublime existence."</p>

  • plethora (n.)

    an abundance, excess<p>"The wedding banquet included a plethora of oysters piled almost three feet high."</p>

  • temerity (n.)

    audacity, recklessness<p>"Tom and Huck entered the scary cave armed with nothing but their own temerity."</p>

  • pugnacious (adj.)

    quarrelsome, combative<p>"Aaron's pugnacious nature led him to start several barroom brawls each month."</p>