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SAT Vocab (9/25)

SAT Vocab (9/25)

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This course contains the most important words needed for SAT excellence.

Items (37)

  • rhapsodize (v.)

    to engage in excessive enthusiasm<p>"The critic rhapsodized about the movie, calling it an instant classic."</p>

  • refurbish (v.)

    to restore, clean up<p>"The dingy old chair, after being refurbished, commanded the handsome price of $200."</p>

  • atone (v.)

    to repent, make amends<p>"The man atoned for forgetting his wife's birthday by buying her five dozen roses."</p>

  • obdurate (adj.)

    unyielding to persuasion or moral influences<p>"The obdurate old man refused to take pity on the kittens."</p>

  • quell (v.)

    to control or diffuse a potentially explosive situation<p>"The skilled leader deftly quelled the rebellion."</p>

  • presage (n.)

    an omen<p>"When my uncle's old war injury ached, he interpreted it as a presage of bad weather approaching."</p>

  • rebuke (v.)

    to scold, criticize<p>"When the cops showed up at Sarah's party, they rebuked her for disturbing the peace."</p>

  • ballad (n.)

    a love song<p>"Greta's boyfriend played her a ballad on the guitar during their walk through the dark woods."</p>

  • serene (adj.)

    calm, untroubled<p>"Louise stood in front of the Mona Lisa, puzzling over the famous woman's serene smile."</p>

  • comprehensive (adj.)

    including everything<p>"She sent me a comprehensive list of the ingredients needed to cook rabbit soufflé."</p>

  • divine (adj.)

    godly, exceedingly wonderful<p>"Terribly fond of desserts, she found the rich chocolate cake to be divine."</p>

  • insolent (adj.)

    rude, arrogant, overbearing<p>"That celebrity is so insolent, making fun of his fans right to their faces."</p>

  • laconic (adj.)

    terse in speech or writing<p>"The author's laconic style has won him many followers who dislike wordiness."</p>

  • cacophony (n.)

    tremendous noise, disharmonious sound<p>"The elementary school orchestra created a cacophony at the recital."</p>

  • paragon (n.)

    a model of excellence or perfection<p>"The mythical Helen of Troy was considered a paragon of female beauty."</p>

  • restive (adj.)

    resistant, stubborn, impatient<p>"The restive audience pelted the band with mud and yelled nasty comments."</p>

  • staid (adj.)

    sedate, serious, self-restrained<p>"The staid butler never changed his expression no matter what happened."</p>

  • surreptitious (adj.)

    stealthy<p>"The surreptitious CIA agents were able to get in and out of the house without anyone noticing."</p>

  • conduit (n.)

    a pipe or channel through which something passes<p>"The water flowed through the conduit into the container."</p>

  • anesthesia (n.)

    loss of sensation<p>"When the nerves in his spine were damaged, Mr. Hollins suffered anesthesia in his legs."</p>

  • debauch (v.)

    to corrupt by means of sensual pleasures<p>"An endless amount of good wine and cheese debauched the traveler."</p>

  • obstreperous (adj.)

    noisy, unruly<p>"Billy's obstreperous behavior prompted the librarian to ask him to leave the reading room."</p>

  • brazen (adj.)

    excessively bold, brash<p>"Critics condemned the novelist's brazen attempt to plagiarize Hemingway's story."</p>

  • rash (adj.)

    hasty, incautious<p>"It's best to think things over calmly and thoroughly, rather than make rash decisions."</p>

  • bourgeois (n.)

    a middle-class person, capitalist<p>"Many businessmen receive criticism for their bourgeois approach to life."</p>

  • delineate (v.)

    to describe, outline, shed light on<p>"She neatly delineated her reasons for canceling the project's funding."</p>

  • accretion (n.)

    slow growth in size or amount<p>"Stalactites are formed by the accretion of minerals from the roofs of caves."</p>

  • fervent (adj.)

    ardent, passionate<p>"The fervent protesters chained themselves to the building and shouted all night long."</p>

  • calibrate (v.)

    to set, standardize<p>"The mechanic calibrated the car's transmission to make the motor run most efficiently."</p>

  • reciprocate (v.)

    to give in return<p>"When Steve gave Samantha a sweater for Christmas, she reciprocated by giving him a kiss."</p>

  • integral (adj.)

    necessary for completeness<p>"Without the integral ingredient of flour, you wouldn't be able to make bread."</p>

  • maudlin (adj.)

    weakly sentimental<p>"Although many people enjoy romantic comedies, I usually find them maudlin and shallow."</p>

  • laceration (n.)

    a cut, tear<p>"Because he fell off his bike into a rosebush, the paperboy's skin was covered with lacerations."</p>

  • construe (v.)

    to interpret<p>"He construed her throwing his clothes out the window as a signal that she wanted him to leave."</p>

  • emend (v.)

    to correct or revise a written text<p>"If my sentence is incorrect, the editor will emend what I have written."</p>

  • duress (n.)

    hardship, threat<p>"It was only under intense duress that he, who was normally against killing, fired his gun."</p>

  • impertinent (adj.)

    rude, insolent<p>"Most of your comments are so impertinent that I don't wish to dignify them with an answer."</p>