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SAT Vocab (14/25)

SAT Vocab (14/25)

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This course contains the most important words needed for SAT excellence.

Items (37)

  • covert (adj.)

    secretly engaged in<p>"Nerwin waged a covert campaign against his enemies while outwardly appearing to remain friendly."</p>

  • trenchant (adj.)

    effective, articulate, clear-cut<p>"The directions that accompanied my new cell phone were trenchant and easy to follow."</p>

  • partisan (n.)

    a follower, adherent<p>"The king did not believe that his rival could round up enough partisans to overthrow the monarchy."</p>

  • obstinate (adj.)

    not yielding easily, stubborn<p>"The obstinate child refused to leave the store until his mother bought him a candy bar."</p>

  • hackneyed (adj.)

    unoriginal, trite<p>"A girl can only hear "I love you" so many times before it begins to sound hackneyed and meaningless."</p>

  • inundate (v.)

    to flood with abundance<p>"Because I am the star of a new sitcom, my fans are sure to inundate me with fan mail and praise."</p>

  • panacea (n.)

    a remedy for all ills or difficulties<p>"Doctors wish there was a single panacea for every disease, but sadly there is not."</p>

  • elucidate (v.)

    to clarify, explain<p>"I didn't understand why my friend was so angry with me, so I asked Janine to elucidate her feelings."</p>

  • concord (n.)

    harmonious agreement<p>"Julie and Harold began the evening with a disagreement, but ended it in a state of perfect concord."</p>

  • bard (n.)

    a poet, often a singer as well<p>"Shakespeare is often considered the greatest bard in the history of the English language."</p>

  • ebullient (adj.)

    extremely lively, enthusiastic<p>"She became ebullient upon receiving an acceptance letter from her first-choice college."</p>

  • wistful (adj.)

    full of yearning; musingly sad<p>"Since her pet rabbit died, Edda missed it terribly and sat around wistful all day long."</p>

  • disgruntled (adj.)

    upset, not content<p>"The child believed that his parents had unjustly grounded him, and remained disgruntled for a week."</p>

  • propitious (adj.)

    favorable<p>"The dark storm clouds visible on the horizon suggested that the weather would not be propitious for sailing."</p>

  • tenuous (adj.)

    having little substance or strength<p>"Your argument is very tenuous, since it relies so much on speculation and hearsay."</p>

  • quandary (n.)

    a perplexed, unresolvable state<p>"Carlos found himself in a quandary: should he choose mint chocolate chip or cookie dough?"</p>

  • temperance (n.)

    moderation in action or thought<p>"Maintaining temperance will ensure that you are able to think rationally and objectively."</p>

  • obsequious (adj.)

    excessively compliant or submissive<p>"Mark acted like Janet's servant, obeying her every request in an obsequious manner."</p>

  • invective (n.)

    an angry verbal attack<p>"My mother's irrational invective against the way I dress only made me decide to dye my hair green."</p>

  • deleterious (adj.)

    harmful<p>"She experienced the deleterious effects of running a marathon without stretching her muscles enough beforehand."</p>

  • rescind (v.)

    to take back, repeal<p>"The company rescinded its offer of employment after discovering that Jane's resume was full of lies."</p>

  • profligate (adj.)

    dissolute, extravagant<p>"The profligate gambler loved to drink, spend money, steal, cheat, and hang out with prostitutes."</p>

  • nebulous (adj.)

    vaguely defined, cloudy<p>"The transition between governments meant that who was actually in charge was a nebulous matter."</p>

  • truculent (adj.)

    ready to fight, cruel<p>"This club doesn't really attract the dangerous types, so why was that bouncer being so truculent?"</p>

  • foster (v.)

    to stimulate, promote, encourage<p>"To foster good health in the city, the mayor started a "Get out and exercise!" campaign."</p>

  • benign (adj.)

    favorable, not threatening, mild<p>"We were all relieved to hear that the medical tests determined her tumor to be benign."</p>

  • malediction (n.)

    a curse<p>"When I was arrested for speeding, I screamed maledictions against the policeman and the entire police department."</p>

  • amorous (adj.)

    showing love, particularly sexual<p>"Whenever Albert saw Mariah wear her slinky red dress, he began to feel quite amorous."</p>

  • winsome (adj.)

    charming, pleasing<p>"After such a long, frustrating day, I was grateful for Chris's winsome attitude and childish naivete."</p>

  • commendation (n.)

    a notice of approval or recognition<p>"Jared received a commendation from Linda, his supervisor, for his stellar performance."</p>

  • maxim (n.)

    a common saying expressing a principle of conduct<p>"Miss Manners's etiquette maxims are both entertaining and instructional."</p>

  • permeate (v.)

    to spread throughout, saturate<p>"Mrs. Huxtable was annoyed that the wet dog's odor had permeated the furniture's upholstery."</p>

  • ruminate (v.)

    to contemplate, reflect<p>"Terry liked to ruminate while sitting on the banks of the river, staring pensively into the water."</p>

  • cavort (v.)

    to leap about, behave boisterously<p>"The adults ate their dinners on the patio, while the children cavorted around the pool."</p>

  • abrogate (v.)

    to abolish, usually by authority<p>"The Bill of Rights assures that the government cannot abrogate our right to a free press."</p>

  • circumlocution (n.)

    indirect and wordy language<p>"The professor's habit of speaking in circumlocutions made it difficult to follow his lectures."</p>

  • adamant (adj.)

    impervious, immovable, unyielding<p>"Though public pressure was intense, the President remained adamant about his proposal."</p>