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Turkish food glossary

Turkish food glossary

Last update 

An English guide to popularTurkish foods

Items (15)

  • Pilaf

    Rice or bulgur and sehriye accompanied by aubergines, chick peas or beans

  • Borek

    Thinly rolled pastry wrapped around various fillings such as cheese, minced meat or spinach

  • Kofte

    Meatballs made with finely minced meat, spices and onions

  • Doner kebap

    Marinated lamb in a pitta bread

  • Gozleme

    Stuffed flat bread, filled with spinach, minced meat or cheese

  • kisir

    Bulgur salad

  • Dolma

    Vegetables such as cabbage leaves or green peppers stuffed with spiced rice

  • Dondurma

    Type of ice cream with 'salep' and 'mastic' which make it thick and chewy.

  • Pide

    Type of plain bread normally filled with cheese or mince and cooked in a wood oven

  • Simit

    A bagel shaped bread roll coated with sesame seeds

  • Ezogelin

    Hearty bulgur wheat and lentil soup flavoured with dried herbs and spices

  • Lahmacun

    Thin round piece of dough topped with mince meat, finely chopped tomatoes, onions and herbs

  • Sarma

    Vine leaves stuffed with meat or rice

  • Baklava

    Turkish pastries

  • Manti

    Small steamed dumplings usually filled with spiced minced meat and served with garlicky yoghurt and red chili flake butter