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Rugby glossary

Rugby glossary

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Rugby rules and lingo for beginners

Items (9)

  • Back 10

    When a penalty is awarded, the offending team must get back 10 metres

  • Binding

    When players lock hands and arms with each other during scrums in order to combine strength against the oppponent

  • Blind side

    Area of pitch between the ball and closes of the two touch lines.

  • Centering

    After a try is scored, the place where the conversion kick takes place is at least 10 meters from the try line and a straight line out from wherever the ball was touched in the try zone. To make this easier, whoever scores the try will attempt to center the ball by touching it down as close to the middle of the uprights as possible.

  • Charge down

    One team attempts to kick the ball and members of the other team run full-speed at the kicker in an attempt to block the kick.

  • Conversion kick

    The opportunity to score two additional points after a try

  • Drop kick

    When the ball carrier drops the ball and kicks it at the exact moment it touches the ground

  • Flanker

    One of two forwards that binds into the outside of the pack

  • Fly half

    Member of the back line , usually in charge of orchestrating plays among the backs. Usually receives the first pass after the scrum from the scrum half