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555 common PHRASAL VERBS

555 common PHRASAL VERBS

Last update 

most 555 common phrasal verbs in English

Items (560)

  • ACCOUNT FOR--His lack of interest accounts for his poor grades.

    explain, be the reason for

  • ACT ON--Tom acted on the information.

    take an action

  • ADD TO--This chair will add to the furniture we already have.

    increase the size

  • ADD UP--Your guess adds up based on all the facts.

    make sense

  • AGREE WITH--I agree with Tom about the need for better schools.

    have the same opinion as someone

  • ALLOW st FOR--You need to allow two hours for traffic.

    provide time, money, or other resource for something

  • ANSWER FOR st--The director answers for the drop in sales last quarter.

    be responsible for something

  • ARGUE st OUT--We argued our differences out and signed a contract.

    discuss all the details to come to an agreement

  • ARRIVE AT st--We arrived at a contract last week.

    agree upon something

  • ASK AFTER SOMEBODY--I asked after Kate last week and her mother told me she was doing well.

    ask how someone is doing

  • ATTEND TO st--Peter attended to preparations for the party while his wife cooked the dinner.

    take care of something you need to do

  • AVERAGE st OUT--I average the contracts out and we'll make a profit of $250,000.

    arrive at the average figure

  • BACK AWAY FROM DOING st--She backed away from taking on the responsibility

    avoid doing something unpleasant

  • BACK DOWN--Tom backed down and Peter went away without a fight.

    take back what you have said

  • BACK OFF--OK, I'll back off this week, but next week you owe me the money!

    stop doing something annoying

  • BACK UP--I'll back the car up and we'll leave.

    go in reverse direction

  • BAIL SOMEBODY OUT--Peter bailed Tom out last week when he offered his apartment as a place to stay.

    help someone in a difficult situation

  • BAND TOGETHER--We banded together three years ago and performed all over Oregon.

    create a group

  • BANG AWAY AT st--Keep banging away at the grammar and you'll soon be a master!

    do repeatedly

  • BANK ON sb OR st--You can back on Tim to always do the right thing.

    rely on someone or something

  • BANDY st ABOUT--The men bandied their past about as they sipped their beers in a pub.


  • BARGE IN--I hate to barge in, but I think you're wrong!

    enter a place or a conversation unexpectedly

  • BASH ON--Let's bash on and get this done.

    continue working hard

  • BE IN FOR st--I'm in for taking a trip to Florida.

    experience soon

  • BE INTO--I'm into jazz music from the 1950s.

    enjoy very much

  • BE ONTO st--He's onto some new stock and he thinks he'll make a million.

    discover something with a lot of potential

  • BE UP TO st--Kevin, what are you up to?!

    be busy doing something, usually bad

  • BEG OFF--I have to beg off tonight. I'm just too tired.

    excuse yourself from doing

  • BELT OUT--Let's belt out a song for the old times!


  • BLACK OUT--Mary blacked out last night, so she is visiting the doctor today.

    become unconscious

  • BLOW OVER--These problems will blow over with time. Don't worry so much.

    eventually finish

  • BLUNDER AROUND--Stop blundering about the room. Turn on the light.

    move about clumsily

  • BLURT OUT--I blurted out the answer without raising my hand in class.

    say suddenly

  • BOMB ALONG--We bombed along the highway at 100 miles per hour!

    move very quickly

  • BOUNCE BACK--Tom bounced back well and is at work this week.

    recover from

  • BOUNCE st OFF sb--I bounced a few ideas off Doug for his opinion.

    discuss an idea with someone

  • BREAK OFF--We broke off some chocolate because we were hungry.

    separate form

  • BREAK THROUGH--We finally broke through and the company started to do well.

    overcome difficulties to achieve success

  • BRING st ABOUT--Susan brought about the various changes at school.

    make happen

  • BRING OFF--We brought off the project though it wasn't easy.

    manage to do something difficult

  • BRING sb AROUND--It took me some time, but I brought Jennifer around to my point of view.

    convince someone of something

  • BUCKLE DOWN--We need to buckle down and get the work done.

    become serious about something

  • BUGGER st UP--Don't bugger it up! You'll only get one chance.

    make a failure out of something that should be a success

  • BUILD ON--The company wants to build on its success in Asia.

    continue to improve on something

  • BUM AROUND--Let's bum around today at the house. I don't want to go anywhere.

    waste time

  • BUMP INTO--I bumped into Fred last week at the supermarket.

    meet unexpectedly

  • BUY INTO--I don't buy into that story. I think there are some major problems.


  • CALL FOR st/sb--This situation calls for someone with a good understanding of politics.

    require something or someone

  • CALL st OFF--We called the meeting for Friday off because no one could come.


  • CAPITALIZE ON st--Let's capitalize on this opportunity.

    take advantage of something

  • CARE FOR st/sb--Do you care for Earl Grey Tea?

    like something or someone

  • CARRY ON WITH st--Let's carry on with our discussion of the market.


  • CARRY st OUT--Have you carried out my requests?

    do something that was requested of you

  • CASH IN (ON st)--We cashed in on the interest in social media.

    profit form something

  • CAST st ASIDE--We cast the trash aside and continued the hike with a much lighter load.

    throw away

  • CATCH sb OUT--He caught you out last week, didn't he?

    find a mistake that someone else makes

  • CATCH UP--We spent the day catching up. It was great.

    talk about what has happened to you since you've seen someone

  • CATCH UP ON st--I need to catch up on my homework tonight.

    do necessary work that was left undone

  • CAVE IN--He caved in and let his daughter travel to Europe.

    admit defeat

  • CHANGE INTO / OUT OF--Let me change into something more comfortable.

    put on new clothing

  • CHASE st/sb DOWN--Did you chase down that book at the library?


  • CHAT sb UP--Tom went to the bar to try to chat up a pretty woman.

    flirt with someone

  • CHECK st OUT--Check out the flowers in the garden. They're beautiful!

    look at, examine

  • CHEER sb UP--Let me cheer you up with a beer at the bar.

    make someone happier

  • CHIME IN (ON st)--Peter chimed in on the new project.

    make a comment about something

  • CHICKEN OUT--I chickened out and didn't go bungee jumping.

    not do something in the end

  • CHOKE UP--I choked up when I heard the news about the poor dog.

    become sad

  • CLAMP DOWN (ON st)--The teacher clamped down on cheating during the test.

    become strict about something

  • CLEAR OUT--The students cleared out and began the long weekend.

    leave quickly

  • CLOG UP st--The traffic clogged up the entire city yesterday.

    block, make difficult to move

  • CLOSE OUT--The store closed out and moved away.

    sell everything at a low price

  • CLOWN AROUND--The boys are clowning around in the back yard.

    have fun, joke

  • COME ABOUT--I guarantee your wishes will come about soon.


  • COME ACROSS--He comes across as a very friendly man.

    appear to be

  • COME BY st--He came by the money through lots of hard work.

    manage to get something

  • COME INTO--She came into a lot of money last year.


  • COOK st UP--They cooked the invention up while they were drinking beer.


  • COST st OUT--I'd like you cost production out to see if we can afford to invest.

    estimate costs

  • COUGH st UP--I'd like you to cough the fee up for this club.

    pay for

  • CRASH OUT--I crashed out at ten last night.


  • CROP UP--A number of problems cropped up as we worked on the project.

    appear, start to happen

  • CUT BACK (ON st)--We need to cut back on smoking.


  • CUT st DOWN--I think you should cut your drinking down to one drink per day.


  • CUT OUT--The engine cut out and we had to push the car to a gas station.

    quit working

  • DAWN ON sb--It dawned on me that I had left my books at home.

    realize something

  • DEAL st OUT--They dealt the responsibilities out and began to work on the project.

    share with others

  • DEAL WITH st/sb--Sarah dealt with the problem and went home.

    solve a problem

  • DECIDE ON st--I decided on the blue shorts.


  • DELVE INTO st--Peter delves into lots of different philosophies.

    explore something in detail

  • DEPEND ON sb OR st--Diana depends on her tutor to help her get good grades.

    need, require the assistance of

  • DIE OUT--Unfortunately, too many species of animals have died out.

    be no more remaining

  • DIP INTO st--I enjoy dipping into a little Shakespeare from time to time.

    read or watch

  • DISPOSE OF st--Please dispose of any litter before you leave.

    throw away

  • DIVE INTO st--My son dove into math and did very well.

    learn with enthusiasm

  • DO AWAY WITH st--The government tried to do away with the high taxes but was unsuccessful.

    prohibit, stop using

  • DO FOR st--I could do for a steak tonight.

    need to have, desire something

  • DO st OVER--Please do exercise two over on page 124.


  • DO WITHOUT st--We should do without alcohol for a week.

    not use, abstain from using

  • DOUBLE BACK--Let's double back to the cabin to get something to eat.


  • DRAG ON--This meeting has dragged on too long!

    continue for a very long time

  • DRAW st OUT--Tom shouldn't have drawn out the meeting so long.

    continue for a longer period of time

  • DREAM st UP--The man dreamt up the invention and became a millionaire.


  • DRESS sb DOWN--The boss dressed him down, so he quit.

    criticize strongly

  • DRIVE AT--He's driving at the need to change.


  • DROP BY--Let's drop by Tom's house and see if he wants to have a picnic.

    visit by surprise

  • DROP IN--Our son dropped in for a moment yesterday.

    visit by surprise

  • DRUM st UP--Can you drum up some dishes for dinner?


  • DRY UP--I think the rice has dried up. Let's go to the store.

    not be available any more, run out

  • DUMB DOWN st--Many new devices have been dumbed down so more people can use them.

    make easy on purpose

  • DWELL ON st--I don't want to dwell on the past, but I can remember when I was a young man ...

    continue speaking or thinking about

  • EASE INTO st--Let's ease into the day with a few stretches.

    start slowly

  • EASE UP--I've been working hard all day. Let's ease up.

    slow down

  • EAT AWAY AT sb--Not knowing whether I won or not is eating away at me.


  • EAT IN--Let's eat in tonight.

    eat at home

  • END IN st--The story ended in tragedy.

    finish with

  • ENTER INTO st--We entered into a contract on July 2nd.


  • EVEN st OUT--Even the sheets out when you make a bed.

    make smooth

  • EXPAND ON st--Could you expand on the theory of relativity?

    give more detail

  • FACE OFF--The Lions and the Reds face off next week.

    compete against

  • FACTOR st IN--You need to factor the manufacturing costs in before you make an estimate.


  • FADE AWAY--Physical abilities fade away over many years. Exercise will help you keep them.

    slowly disappear

  • FALL APART--The lawn mower is falling apart.

    become ruined

  • FALL BEHIND--I'm falling behind in class. Can you help me?

    need to do more work to keep up

  • FALL FOR sb OR st--Susan fell for Anna when they first met.

    be attracted to

  • FALL THROUGH--The job fell through and she had to find another position.

    fail to happen

  • FARM st OUT--The corporation farmed its customer service out to three companies.

    ask another company to do, outsource

  • FART AROUND--Stop farting around and let's get going!

    waste time

  • FEEL FOR sb--I feel for Viki because she's having a difficult week at work.

    have sympathy for someone

  • FEND FOR sb--I can only fend for myself. It's a tough job market out there!

    take of someone financially

  • FIDDLE AROUND--I like to fiddle around on Saturdays. It's relaxing.

    spend time on no specific task, waste time

  • FIGHT st DOWN--Many people fight down tears. They should just have a good cry!

    repress, not show

  • FIGURE st OUT--You will figure the problem out in five minutes.

    understand over time

  • FILL st OUT--Please fill this survey out for our research.

    complete in written form

  • FIND AGAINST sb--The court finds against Mr. Smith and fines him $1,000.

    rule against someone in a court of law

  • FIND st OUT--She found out the news just last week.

    discover, hear of

  • FINISH WITH st--He swore he was finished with beer.

    no longer need

  • FIRE AWAY--Go ahead and fire away. What are your questions?


  • FIT IN--Do you fit in at school?

    belong to a group, feel comfortable

  • FLARE UP--My pain flared up last week.

    begin to happen in a bad situation

  • FLASH BACK TO st--Let's flash back to the 1960s.


  • FLESH st OUT--Please flesh your ideas out in your body paragraphs.

    provide details

  • FLOOD BACK--The memories come flooding back when you hear certain songs.

    return suddenly

  • FLUNK OUT (OF st)--Tim flunked out of math last year.

    fail in a class

  • FLY BY--Last year flew by!

    go quickly

  • FOLLOW UP (ON st)--I'd like to follow up on our meeting last week.

    report back to a group or person

  • FOOL AROUND--Please don't fool around. Eat your dinner!

    waste time

  • FORCE st ON sb--Dan forced the extra work on Tom last week.

    require someone to do something

  • FORGE AHEAD--Let's forge ahead and discuss last quarter's results.


  • FORK MONEY OVER--Please fork over the money for the meal.


  • FOUL st UP--Peter fouled up the directions, so we have to start again.

    make mistakes

  • FROWN ON / UPON st/sb--The pastor frowns upon any kind of fun.

    disapprove of

  • FUSS OVER sb OR st--Stop fussing over your hair. You look fine.

    pay much attention to

  • GET st ACROSS--He got his point across and he won the debate.

    make something understood

  • GET ALONG (WITH sb)--The children get along very well.

    have a good relationship

  • GET AWAY--The thieves got away during the night.


  • GET AWAY WITH st--The boy got away with skipping school.

    do something wrong but not be punished

  • GET BACK AT sb--I'll get back at you for doing that!

    take revenge

  • GET BY--We're getting by at the moment, but it isn't easy.

    mange to survive, have just enough money

  • GET DOWN ON st/sb--Stop getting down on George. He's doing his best.


  • GET IN--We got in at midnight last night.


  • GET INTO SOMEWHERE--My daughter got into her first choice university.

    be accepted at an institution

  • GET ON / OFF st--I got on the bus on 50th street and got off at 83rd street.

    board or leave

  • GET OUT--School gets out at three o'clock.

    be released from

  • GET OVER st--It's taken him three months to get over his illness.

    recover from sad news or illness

  • GET THROUGH--I got through to Tom at four o'clock yesterday.

    make a connection on the telephone

  • GET TOGETHER--Let's get together on Saturday.


  • GIVE st AWAY--He gave his bike away to another boy!

    not ask payment for, provide for free

  • GIVE OFF st--The garbage can gives off a distinct order of trash.

    emit, send out from

  • GIVE st UP--Alan gave up tennis a few years ago.

    stop doing something

  • GLOSS OVER st--The teacher glossed over the more difficult grammar.

    spend very little time doing

  • GO ABOUT st--She went about her work as if nothing had happened.

    continue to do

  • GO AFTER st--I think you should go after a career in football.

    try to achieve

  • GO ALONG--Go along this street to 52nd Avenue.

    progress, move forward

  • GO BACK TO SOMEWHERE--We went back to our high school and met some friends.

    return to somewhere

  • GO FOR st--I'll go for two slices of pizza.

    choose something

  • GO IN / INTO--Please go in the room and sit down.


  • GO ON--Please go on. I'm listening.


  • GO OUT--They have been going out for three years.


  • GO THROUGH st--John went through a difficult divorce, but he was fine in the end.

    experience, often difficulties

  • GO TOGETHER--Her clothes go together well.

    need to be together, match

  • GOBBLE st UP--Jack gobbled up his breakfast and left for work.

    eat quickly

  • GROW INTO st--He grew into a very responsible young man.


  • GROW UP--I grew up in Olympia, Washington.

    become older, become more mature

  • HAND st BACK--Please hand the books back at the end of class.


  • HAND st IN--Please hand the assignment in before the end of class.

    give to the teacher or other authority

  • HAND st OUT--The volunteers handed food out to everyone who wanted a lunch.

    give to others

  • HANG AROUND--I'm going to hang around until eight o'clock.


  • HANG ON--Hang on. Life will get better.

    not give up

  • HANG OUT--Teenagers like to hang out at the shopping mall.

    spend time

  • HANG UP--Please hang up and call back in three hours.

    stop a telephone call

  • HAPPEN ALONG st--Mary happened along the book at a garage sale.

    find by chance

  • HASH st OUT--The hashed over the problems during dinner.

    argue about

  • HAVE sb ON--I don't believe you. You're having me on.

    joke with someone

  • HAVE sb OVER--We're having guests over on Friday.

    invite to dinner or to meet at your house

  • HEAD FOR st OR SOMEWHERE--We're heading for breakfast. Would you like to join us?

    go in the direction of, be on the way to doing something

  • HEAR ABOUT / OF st--I heard of the issue, but I don't know much.

    hear news concerning something

  • HEAT st UP--I'll heat the pasta up.

    make warm

  • HELP sb OUT--Let me help you out with that.

    provide help

  • HINGE ON st--The election hinges on his popularity.

    be dependent upon something

  • HIRE st OUT--We're hiring out our customer service department.

    find consultants or another outside the company source for help

  • HOLD sb BACK--He said his parents held him back, but I think it's his fault.

    keep someone from doing something

  • HOLD OFF ON st--We're holding off on buying the house for a few months.

    wait to do something

  • HOLD OUT FOR st--I'm holding out for $20,000 before I sell.

    insisist that something happen before you agree

  • HOLD UP--Peter's holding up well these days.

    remain healthy

  • HOME IN ON st--I'm holding in on this math problem, but it's difficult!

    concentrate on, come close to finding

  • HORSE AROUND--Stop horsing around and get to work!

    not be serious, have fun

  • HURRY sb OR st UP--Try to hurry Susan up. It's getting late.

    encourage to go faster

  • KEEL OVER (FROM st)--I got home and keeled over. I was so tired!

    fall over from exhaustion

  • KEEP UP (WITH st/sb)--I can't keep up with my math class!

    stay at the same rate with another

  • KEEP AT st/sb--You need to keep at your homework if you want to get good grades.

    continue doing, or bothering a person

  • KEEP AWAY (FROM st/sb)--Keep away from Tom. He's not good for you!

    not go near

  • KEEP sb FROM DOING st--All the extra work is keeping John from taking a vacation.

    not allow someone to do something

  • KEEP ON--Keep on,. You'll be successful one day.


  • KEEP OFF st--Keep off my property!

    stay away from

  • KEEP OUT (OF st)--Keep out of this room!

    not go into

  • KEEP UP--If the snow keeps up we'll never leave!


  • KEEP st UP--Barbara keeps the garden up beautifully.

    take care of

  • KICK SOMETHIGN AROUND--We're kicking his ideas around this weekend.


  • KICK st OFF--We're kicking off the sale this weekend.


  • KICK sb OUT--They boys kicked Johnny out of their club.

    exclude, not allow to participate

  • KNIT sb TOGETHER--Our love of nature knits us together.

    have in common

  • KNOCK st ABOUT / AROUND--The schoolboys knocked the books about.

    treat poorly

  • KNOCK SOMETHIGN BACK--Let's knock back a few beers after class.


  • KNOCK st OFF--Would you please knock all the noise off?!

    stop doing

  • KNOCK sb OFF--The gangsters knocked four people off on Saturday.


  • KNOCK st TOGETHER--Let's knock some lunch together.

    prepare quickly

  • KNUCKLE DOWN--We need to knuckle down and prepare for the test.

    become serious about working, studying, etc.

  • LACE st UP--Lace up your shoes and let's go.

    tighten with string, usually with shoes

  • LAND UP--I landed up buying the new house.

    finish in a place or situation

  • LEAD OFF WITH st--Let's lead off with the new project in Chicago.

    begin a meeting, presentation, discussion

  • LEAD TO st--The discussions might lead to a new position.

    finish in

  • LEAN ON sb OR st--I lean on my parents for emotional support through the hard times.

    rely on

  • LEAVE st ASIDE--Let's leave the proposition aside for the moment and discuss last week's decision.

    not discuss

  • LEAVE OFF--Let's leave off here and meet again tomorrow.


  • LEAVE st OUT--He left out the part about the dragon in the story.

    not include

  • LET sb DOWN--I'm afraid she let me down last week.

    disappoint someone

  • LET sb OFF--The teacher let the students off with a make-up test even though they skipped class.

    not punish severely

  • LET OUT--School lets out at three o'clock.

    finish a session or a period of time

  • LET UP--The rain is letting up, let's run to the car!

    become less

  • LEVEL WITH sb--I need to level with you. I'm in love with your wife!

    be honest with someone

  • LIE AHEAD--Many tests lie ahead of you in the path to success.

    be in the future

  • LIE IN--I lay in this morning until 9. It was great.

    stay in bed

  • LIGHT ON / UPON sb OR st--Walking down the road I lit upon a piece of gold!

    find by chance

  • LIGHTEN st UP--Let's lighten the mood up by listening to some jazz.

    make more comfortable, more relaxed

  • LINE sb OR st UP--I lined two new employees up this week,

    to arrange for someone or something

  • LINGER ON st--I'd like to linger on the topic for a few moments.

    spend more time on something

  • LISTEN UP--Listen up! Let's talk about the problem.

    pay attention

  • LIVE OFF OF st--They lived off just $1,000 a month for two years.

    use to make a living, or to survive

  • LIVE IT UP--Let's live it up this weekend!

    have a fun time

  • LIVEN st UP--This is boring! Let's liven the party up with some music.

    make more fun to do

  • LOAF AROUND--I loafed around on Saturday. It was good to relax.

    waste time, do nothing

  • LOCK sb OUT--They locked the students out of the classroom.

    not allow to in a room, not allow to join

  • LOG IN / ON (TO st)--I logged in and started work.

    make a network connection on a computer

  • LONG FOR st--I long for some good chocolate ice-cream.

    want very much

  • LOOK AFTER sb OR st--Please look after my cat while I'm away on vacation.

    take care of

  • LOOK AHEAD--It's a good idea to look ahead every once in a while.

    think about the future

  • LOOK FORWARD TO st--I look forward to meeting you soon.

    enjoy the idea of something in the future, anticipate

  • LOOK IN (ON sb OR st)--I'll look in on you on Thursday.

    check, make sure everything is OK

  • LOOK st OVER--I looked the car over and could find no problems.

    inspect, make sure everything is OK

  • LOOK THROUGH st--I looked through the essay and everything looks fine.

    read quickly, skim

  • LOOK st UP--Look the word up in the dictionary.

    find in a reference book or source

  • LOOK UP TO sb--John looks up to his father.

    think highly of someone, respect someone

  • LUG st AROUND--I lugged my baggage around the airport.

    carry with you

  • LUXURIATE IN st--He luxuriates in all the attention from his daughter when she visits.

    enjoy very much

  • MAJOR IN st--Peter majors in economics at U of P.

    work towards getting a degree in at university

  • MAKE FOR st--I'm going to make for the parking lot.

    move in the direction of

  • MAKE st OUT--Can you make the building out over there?

    see in the distance

  • MAKE OUT--The young couple made out all evening.


  • MAKE st UP--He made the story up about his aunt.

    invent, tell an untrue story

  • MAKE UP--They made up last week. It's so sweet.

    become friends / boyfriend / girlfriend again

  • MAKE UP FOR st--His strength makes up for his stupidity.

    balance the lack of something else

  • MARK st DOWN--Mark October 5th down on your calendar.


  • MARK st UP--The company marks up its products by 20%.

    make the price higher

  • MARVEL AT st--I marvel at his ability to make friends.

    be surprised or impressed by

  • MATCH st UP--Match the pictures up to find a prize.

    put together

  • MAX st OUT--I've maxed out my bank account this week.

    reach a financial or other limit

  • MEASURE UP TO sb OR st--I'm afraid she doesn't measure up to our standards.

    be of the same high quality as someone or something

  • MESS AROUND / ABOUT--Don't mess around. We've got work to do.

    waste time

  • MESS st UP--Study hard and don't mess your grades up.

    fail at doing something

  • MESS WITH st/sb--Please don't mess with those jars on the table.

    interfere with

  • MIX st/sb UP--He mixed Mary up when he told her the news.


  • MOCK st UP--Please mock the web page up for our director.

    make a model of

  • MOVE ALONG (ON st)--We moved ahead on the project last week.

    make progress

  • MOVE AWAY--We moved away from Seattle three years ago.

    leave the place where you live forever

  • MOVE FORWARD (WITH st)--Let's move forward with the proposal.

    take the next step in a process

  • MOVE ON--The tourists moved on and the square become empty.

    continue in a journey

  • MOVE UP--Peter moved up three ranks in the tennis list last week.

    improve in position

  • MUCK ABOUT / AROUND--I mucked around on Saturday.

    spend time in a relaxed way with no specific purpose

  • MULL st OVER--I'll mull your suggestions over this weekend.

    think about, consider

  • NAG AT sb--Stop nagging at me. I'll get the job done when I can!

    continue to complain

  • NAIL st DOWN--Did you nail down the contract?

    get an agreement on something

  • NARROW DOWN st--We've narrowed down our choices to just three homes.

    reduce the number of choices

  • NOSE AROUND--Why are you nosing around here?

    try to find out information, intrude

  • NUMBER AMONG st--Sarah numbers among my best friends.

    belong to a group

  • OCCUR TO sb--It occurred to Tom that we should you over to dinner next week.

    have an idea

  • OOZE OUT--Water is oozing out of the wall.

    come out of slowly a

  • OPEN OUT (ONTO st)--The living room opens out onto the dining room.

    become wider

  • OPEN UP TO st--Here husband has opened up to visiting a therapist.

    become willing to explore

  • OPT FOR st--We'll opt for two weeks in Hawaii over work!

    choose something

  • OPT OUT (OF st)--We've decided to opt out of all mailing lists.

    choose not to do

  • ORDER st IN--Let's order in Chinese food this evening.

    have food delivered to your home

  • OWN UP (TO st)--The boy owned up to stealing the candy.

    admit doing something wrong

  • PACK st AWAY--Pack away those boxes in the attic.

    put into storage

  • PACK sb OFF--The parents pack their children off to private school.

    send to live elsewhere

  • PAGE THROUGH st--You can page through a magazine while you wait

    browse, skim through

  • PAINT st OUT--Can you paint out that graffitti?

    remove from by putting point over something

  • PAIR UP (WITH sb)--Please pair up and begin the exercise.

    find a partner

  • PALM st OFF--You can't palm that story off on me!

    convince people about an explanation that is not true

  • PANDER TO sb OR st--Angie panders to the director thinking she can get a promotion.

    try to please

  • PAPER OVER st--The government is trying to paper over its ineptitude.

    hide a problem

  • PART WITH st--She parted with her old toys with tears in her eyes.

    let go

  • PASS AWAY / ON--Mr. Smith passed away last week.


  • PASS FOR st/sb--She could pass for Marilyn Monroe.

    function as something else, be like someone else

  • PASS OUT--Tim passed out and had to be taken to the hospital.

    become unconscious

  • PASS st UP--George decided to pass the opportunity up even though it looked like fun.

    not take advantage of something

  • PAY FOR st--You'll pay for your crimes!

    need to suffer or hurt for something

  • PAY sb OFF--The man tried to pay Peter off.

    bribe, give money to do or not do something

  • PENCIL st IN--Please pencil the meeting in for next week.

    make an appointment

  • PEPPER st WITH--She peppered her talk with jokes about her college days.

    include a large a number of with some other main component

  • PERTAIN TO st--This meeting pertains to last quarter's fall in profit.

    be about

  • PICK ON sb--Don't pick on Jimmy!

    treat badly, bully

  • PICK st OUT--Which dress have you picked out?


  • PICK sb UP--I picked Tim up at the airport.

    drive to a place and give a ride

  • PICK st UP--I picked some Italian up in Rome.

    learn a little bit

  • PICK UP ON st--Did you pick up on how he wanted to find a new job?

    understand from a conversation

  • PIG OUT--Let's pig out on Saturday!

    eat lots of food

  • PIN sb DOWN--He finally pinned his boss down on his raise.

    get a commitment from

  • PIPE DOWN--Pipe down in this room. I can't hear myself think.

    be quiet

  • PISS OFF--Piss off! I don't want to talk to you.

    get out of here!

  • PITCH IN--Let me pitch in. That looks heavy.

    help with money or physically

  • PLAN AHEAD (FOR st)--We need to plan ahead for our trip to Arizona.

    make arrangements for a situation in the future

  • PLAN st OUT--They planned the week out hour by hour.

    make plans very carefully

  • PLAY AROUND--Stop playing around. This is a workplace!

    not be serious

  • PLAY OUT--Let's see how this plays out next week.

    happen to the end

  • PLAY st UP--He is playing the new product up at the meeting.

    talk a lot about

  • PLUG AWAY (ON st)--I plugged away on the report until three o'clock.

    continue working on

  • PLUG st UP--I plugged the leak up on the faucet.

    repair by filling a hole

  • PLUNK DOWN (ON st)--I plunked down $500 on the computer.

    spend money on

  • POINT st OUT--He pointed the problem out during the meeting.

    mention, inform someone that something exists

  • POLISH st OFF--Would you like to polish the cake off?


  • POP UP--The deer popped up and the driver almost hit it. Luckily, he missed!

    appear suddenly

  • POUR st DOWN--He poured the glass of whiskey down like it was water.


  • POWER st UP--Power up your computer and let's get to work.

    turn on

  • PRESS FOR st--He pressed for more quality controls in negotiations.

    urge someone be done

  • PROVIDE AGAINST st--They've purchased many goods to provide against disaster.

    make plans for the bad times

  • PROWL AROUND--She prowled around the room to not wake her sleeping child.

    move around very quietly

  • PULL AWAY--The train pulled away from the station.

    begin to move

  • PULL st OFF--She pulled her sweater off and put on a blouse.

    take off clothing

  • PULL st OUT--Anna pulled the money out of her purse.

    present meting, take out of another place

  • PULL OVER--The policeman asked the truck drive to pull over.

    move to the side of the road

  • PULL THROUGH--The injured man pulled through in the end.


  • PULL TOGETHER--If we pull together, we can win this match.

    work together well as a group to achieve something

  • PULL st UP--Let me pull your file up from last month.

    get information onto a computer screen

  • PUNCH IN--I punch in at seven o'clock.

    start work

  • PUSH AHEAD / FORWARD / ON--Let's push ahead with the project.

    continue working hard on a task

  • PUSH FOR st--The president pushed for reform, but was unsuccessful.

    to try to convince others to do

  • PUSH TOWARDS st--Let's push towards finishing the project by April.

    move in the direction of a goal

  • PUT st ACROSS--He put his ideas across at the meeting.

    make understood

  • PUT st AWAY--Please put your clothes away.

    return to its proper place

  • PUT sb DOWN--Don't put Debby down. She's nice.


  • PUT st FORWARD--I put forward that we find a new director.


  • PUT st OFF--Let's put the meeting off until next week.

    postpone, delay

  • PUT sb ON--Stop putting me on!

    joke with someone

  • PUT st ON--I put the shirt on and left the house.


  • PUT sb THROUGH--I'm sorry I put you through such a difficult week.

    make someone experience

  • PUT sb THROUGH--The father put her daughter through college.

    pay for

  • PUT UP WITH sb OR st--I'm tired of putting up with your stupid jokes.


  • PUT UPON sb--I don't want to put upon you, but could you make a cup of coffee?


  • QUEUE UP--We queued up two hours before the concert began.

    stand with other people in a line

  • QUIET DOWN--Quiet down. Let's get to work.

    be quiet

  • QUIT ON sb--I had to quit on Tom. He just wasn't trying hard enough.

    stop helping or working for someone

  • RACK st UP--We're racking the dollars up with our new invention.

    make profit, get more of

  • RAKE st UP--He keeps raking up his difficulties in Paris.

    talk about something unpleasant or bad news from the past

  • RAMBLE ON (ABOUT st)--He keeps rambling on. I can't understand him.

    continue speaking for a long time in a disorganized manner

  • RAT ON sb--Don't rat on Tom. He'll kill you!

    tell the authorities that someone did something bad

  • RATION st OUT--We have to ration the cookies out. There are too many of us!

    give out very slowly

  • RATTLE st OFF--He rattled the list off in less than a minute.

    say very quickly, often with lists

  • REACH OUT TO sb--I'd like to reach out to anyone who needs help with the exam.


  • READ st INTO ANOTHER THING--I read an opportunity into this offer. Tell me more.

    make a connections between, understand from the context

  • REEK OF st--You reek of garlic!

    smell very strongly of something

  • REFER TO sb OR st--I refeed to his comments from earlier.

    speak about in context

  • REFLECT ON st--I'd like you to reflect on all the good times we've had.

    consider, think about

  • REIN st IN--We need to rein our spending.

    reduce, limit

  • RESORT TO st--I had to resort to candy treats to get her to do her homework.

    do as a last effort to accomplish something

  • REVOLVE AROUND--My life revolves around her. I can't live without her!

    put all of your attention towards

  • RING OFF--I rang off and went back to work.

    hang up the telephone

  • RING st UP--Let's ring the clothes up and go home.

    charge someone at the cash register

  • RIP sb OFF--The ripped me off on this shirt. It tore after two days.

    cheat someone out of their money with a poorly made product, steal

  • RIP INTO sb--He ripped into John about the problems at school.

    become very angry with

  • RISE UP (AGAINST sb)--The employees rose up and demanded a raise.

    fight against

  • ROLL IN--We rolled in after midnight.


  • ROLL st OUT--We rolled the new computer out last month.

    introduce a product

  • ROPE sb INTO st--I roped Peter into helping me with my presentation.

    convince someone to do

  • RUB OFF (ON sb)--I hope something rubbed off on him and he becomes more serious.

    influence behavior

  • RULE st OUT--I'm ruling moving out. I love this city.

    exclude, refuse to do

  • RUN ACROSS st--I ran across this article yesterday.

    find by chance

  • RUN AWAY WITH (st/sb)--He ran away with my heart.

    take from, steal

  • RUN INTO sb--I ran into Doug at the market yesterday.

    meet by accident

  • RUN OFF / ON st--This machine runs off / on gasoline.

    use as power

  • RUN OUT OF st--We ran out of milk. I'll go to the supermarket.

    not have any more of

  • RUN THROUGH st--Let's run through the piece one more time.

    practice something from beginning to end

  • RUN UP st--We ran up a large bill last night at the restaurant.

    add up to an amount of money

  • SAFEGUARD AGAINST st--We safeguarded against freezing weather.

    do something to prevent harm

  • SAVE ON st--We're trying to save on vegetables by growing our own.

    keep the cost of something low

  • SAIL THROUGH st--We sailed through the meeting and left for lunch.

    complete something very quickly

  • SCARE sb OFF--She scared him off talking about the big insects you can see on hikes.

    make someone not want to do something by speaking about negatives

  • SAVE (MONEY) UP--I'm saving up to buy a new watch.

    Save money to purchase something

  • SCOPE st OUT--Let's scope the situation out before we decide.

    find out detailed information about

  • SCRAPE BY--We're just scraping by in this economy.

    survive with great difficulty

  • SCRAPE st TOGETHER--Let me scrape together twenty dollars and then we'll go.

    find enough of

  • SCREEN st OUT--We screen a number of applicants out before we had the final interviews.

    decide not to include in

  • SCREW st UP--I'm afraid I screwed the job interview up. I'll never get the job.

    make a serious mistake, fail at something

  • SCROUNGE AROUND (FOR st)--I always need to scrouge around for my keys!

    look in many places for something

  • SEE st IN--Let's see in the New Year with a few drinks.

    celebrate the beginning of something

  • SEE THROUGH st/sb--I can see through your tricks.

    understand the hidden truth

  • SEE TO st--I'll see to the beer if you cook dinner.

    take responsibility for

  • SEEK sb OR st OUT--He sought the guru out by hiking 200 miles to a remote area.

    make a great effort to find

  • SELL OUT--Many people accuse their favorite rock stars of selling out.

    betray an ideal for a lot of money

  • SEND sb AWAY--I sent the boy away with a note to his mother.

    tell someone to leave

  • SEND FOR sb--Please send for a doctor. I'm not feeling well.

    have someone come to you

  • SEND sb OFF--We sent him off with a proper celebration.

    give a party for someone who is leaving

  • SERVE st UP--She served lasagna up and it was delicious.

    give food to people who are waiting to eat

  • SET ABOUT st--She set about writing the report.

    begin to do a task

  • SET sb APART--His intelligence sets him apart.

    make different from others

  • SET ASIDE--I'm setting aside $1,000 every month.


  • SET OFF (ON st)--We set off on our journey on Saturday.

    leave for a destination

  • SET TO st--We set to work at seven in the morning.

    begin doing an activity

  • SET sb UP--She set him up for a broken heart.

    put someone into a difficult situation

  • SETTLE DOWN--Please settle down children. We need to do our homework.

    stop making noise, come calm

  • SHAKE sb DOWN--The mobster tried to shake him down, but he refused to pay a penny.

    get money from someone by threats

  • SHAKE st OFF--You need to shake your failed marriage off and start a new life.

    stop worrying about something negative that happened

  • SHAPE UP--You need to shape up. You've been a very bad boy lately.


  • SHELL OUT--I shelled out over $4,000 for the car.

    spend money

  • SHOOT st DOWN--My boss shot my idea down. I hate working here.

    not approve of something

  • SHOW OFF--Stop showing off. I know you can golf well.

    do something that you are very good at in conceited manner

  • SHOW st OFF--He's showing his Porsche off this week.

    make other people try to notice something you have

  • SHOW UP--He showed up late for the meeting.


  • SHRUG st OFF--He shrugged off the failure and continued on his way.

    not worry about something bad that has happened

  • SHUT sb OUT--They tried to shut him out of discussions, but he insisted.

    not include

  • SHUT UP--Please shut up!

    do not talk

  • SHY AWAY FROM st--Mary shied away from looking for a new job.

    try not to do

  • SIFT THROUGH st--We sifted through the data trying to fine a clue.

    to consider a large amount of information, or objects

  • SIGN UP (FOR st)--I signed up for the health club last week.

    register to do

  • SIGN st OVER--He signed over the car and bought a new one.

    give the ownership of something to someone

  • SINK IN--The reality sank in and he tried to go back to his old life.

    realize, understand completely

  • SIT DOWN--Please sit down and let's begin.

    take a seat

  • SIT st OUT--He sat the match out last Saturday.

    not participate in something

  • SIZE sb OR st UP--I sized him up and decided we could be friends.

    take time to understand a person or situation

  • SLAVE AWAY--I slaved away all day today. I'm exhausted

    work without rest, work very hard

  • SLEEP IN--I slept in this morning.

    get up later than usual

  • SLIM DOWN--You need to slim down and get in shape.

    lose weight

  • SLIP AWAY--Let's slip away. I'm tired.


  • SMELL OF st--The situation smells of corruption.

    seem to be influenced by

  • SNUGGLE DOWN--I snuggled down for a long night's sleep.

    become comfortable in bed and get ready to sleep

  • SOFTEN sb UP--His daughter soften him up with her sweet smile.

    make someone willing to do something

  • SOUND OFF (ABOUT st)--He employees are sounding off about the poor health benefits.


  • SPEAK OUT (AGAINST / IN FAVOR OF st)--She spoke out against the corruption in her company.

    take a strong position on something and tell others

  • SPELL st OUT--Let me spell everything out for you.

    say exactly what needs to be done

  • SPICE st UP--I'd like to spice our relationship up with a nice dinner in a romantic restaurant.

    make more interesting, improve the looks of

  • SPIN st OFF--We want to spin off two new products.

    create a new business from

  • SPLASH OUT--They splashed out and went to New York for the weekend.

    spend a lot of money to have a good time

  • SPONGE OFF sb--Stop sponging off your parents and get a good job.

    Take advantage of the money of someone else

  • SPRING FOR--I'll spring for dinner tonight.

    pay for something, invite someone and pay

  • SQUARE st AWAY--We squared away the contract and began the project.

    finish all the details of something

  • STAKE st OUT--The police staked the bar out waiting for the criminal.

    watch very carefully

  • STAND ABOUT / AROUND--We stood around waiting for a table.

    waste time

  • STAND IN FOR sb--The actor had a stunt man stand in for him in the scene.

    take the place of someone

  • STAND UP FOR st/sb--She stood up for her rights.

    defend, say something positive about

  • STAND UP TO sb--Don stood up to Peter and never had a problem again.

    defend yourself against

  • START OFF st--Let's start off by introducing ourselves.

    begin doing

  • STARVE FOR st--We're starving for some fun this weekend.

    want to do very much

  • STAY AWAY (FROM st)--She stayed away from beef all last week.

    avoid, try not to do

  • STAY UP--We stayed up late last night.

    not go to sleep

  • STEP DOWN--The president stepped down over the scandal.

    quit a position of leadership

  • STOP BY--We stopped by their house on our way home.


  • STORM OFF--She stormed off. I don't know what happened.

    leave angrily

  • SUBSCRIBE TO st--I subscribe to his views on religion.

    believe, agree with

  • SUM (st) UP--I'd like to sum up by saying how much I enjoyed this meeting.

    conclude, make a summary of

  • TAG ALONG--Is it OK if my brother tags along?

    join a group of people to go somewhere

  • TAKE AFTER sb--He takes after his father because he likes music.

    look or be like a family member

  • TAKE st APART--We should take the vacuum cleaner apart to look for the ring.

    disassemble, deconstruct

  • TAKE st BACK--Take the shoes back to the store. They don't fit.


  • TAKE sb IN--We took the boy in when he was just five years old.

    give a place to stay, provide a home

  • TAKE st OFF--I took the shirt off and put on a sweater.

    remove clothing

  • TAKE sb ON--The company took Alan on last year.

    hire, give a job

  • TAKE st OVER--They took Smith and Co. over in 1987.

    take the control of something from someone else

  • TAKE st UP--My wife took skiing up last year.

    begin learning something new

  • TALK sb INTO--He talked us into buying a new car.

    convince someone to do something

  • TALK sb OUT OF--She talked him out of moving to Chicago.

    convince someone not to do something

  • TALK st OVER--Let's talk the situation over for a few minutes.

    discuss a topic

  • TALK st UP--The boss talked the new program up.

    speak about the advantages of

  • TANK UP--I need to tank up before we leave this morning.

    put fuel into something

  • TAPER OFF--The workload is tapering off.

    slowly decrease

  • TEAR st APART--He tear the proposal apart during the meeting.

    criticize an idea

  • TELL ON sb--I don't encourage students to tell on each other.

    Tell an authority figure that someone has done something wrong

  • THIN OUT--The crowd is thinning out. I think we can go home.

    reduce, become fewer

  • THINK st OVER--Let me think your offer over and I'll call you tomorrow.

    consider something

  • THIRST FOR st--He's thirsting for information from his family.

    desire very strongly

  • THROW st AWAY / OUT--Throw the garbage away.

    dispose of something

  • THROW st TOGETHER--Let me throw dinner together quickly and then we'll eat.

    prepare quickly

  • THROW UP--He threw up earlier today. I think he has food poisoning.


  • TIDY st UP--Tidy your room up and then you can leave.

    make clean, organize

  • TIP sb OFF--He tipped me off about the new position, so I applied immediately.

    give a suggestion to someone about something that will affect them

  • TOIL AWAY--Jason spends his day toiling away at a job he hates.

    work very hard

  • TOSS st OFF--I can toss the article off in about thirty minutes.

    do something very quickly

  • TOY WITH st--They're toying with the idea of moving to Florida.

    consider doing, but not for a very long time

  • TRADE UP--I traded up to a luxury sedan.

    sell something in order to get something better

  • TREAT sb TO st--Let me treat you to dinner.

    pay for someone

  • TRY st OUT--I tried the new software out last week. It wasn't very good.

    use for a short period of time to see if something works

  • TRY OUT FOR st--My daughter tried out for band last week.

    audition for something, try to become a member

  • TURN BACK sb--We turned back three people last week.

    not allow to do something

  • TURN st IN--I turned the wallet in to the police.

    take something you find to the police or other authority

  • TURN st OFF--Turn off the radio.

    close, remove power from

  • TURN st ON--I turned on the TV and watched the news.

    provide power to, open

  • TURN OUT--The situation turned out well in he end.

    eventually become

  • TURN st UP / DOWN--Could you turn the music down?

    increase / decrease volume

  • URGE sb ON--Ted urged his daughter on at the race last week.

    encourage someone to continue doing something

  • USE st UP--I used the toothpaste up last night.

    use completely until there is no more

  • USHER st/sb IN--The decision ushered in a new era of happiness.

    welcome, mark the beginning of

  • VEER OFF--The airplane veered off to the west.

    move away from, change direction

  • VEG OUT--I vegged out over the weekend.

    waste time, do nothing

  • VERGE ON st--HIs desire to succeed verges on madness.

    be very close to or similar to something

  • VOTE st DOWN--Citizens voted the measure down last week.

    not approve by election

  • VOUCH FOR st/sb--I can vouch for Peter. He's an excellent employee.

    tell someone that something or someone is good, reliable

  • WAIT ON sb--She waited on the businessmen until three o'clock.

    bring food to

  • WAIT st OUT--Let's wait the storm out in the barn.

    stay in a place or position until something stops

  • WAKE UP--I woke up at seven o'clock.

    stop sleeping in the morning

  • WALK AWAY FROM st--She walked away from her job last year.

    leave, never do again

  • WALK OUT (ON st)--They walked out as they hated the music.

    leave suddenly and in a disapproving manner

  • WANT IN ON st--He wants in on the opportunity.

    desire to be a part of

  • WARM UP--I do a few stretches to warm up before a race.

    do exercises to get ready

  • WASH st UP--Wash the plates up and let's eat dinner.


  • WATER st DOWN--He watered the information down so everyone could understand.

    make something easier to understand

  • WAVE sb ASIDE / AWAY--He waved the people away from the scene of the crime.

    instruct to go around, avoid

  • WEAN OFF st--I'm weaning myself off cigarettes this month.

    slowly reduce

  • WEAR st OUT--She wore the blouse out and has to go shopping.

    use so much that a replacement needs to be bought

  • WEED sb OR st OUT--I'd like you to weed the applicants out and find two people to interview.

    remove from a group

  • WEIGH IN ON st--Susan weighed in on the conversation.

    give an opinion about

  • WHIZZ THROUGH st--I whizzed through the book in two days.

    do quickly

  • WIMP OUT--Jack wimped out and didn't come on the hike.

    decide you can't do something in the end because you are afraid

  • WIN sb OVER--His presentation won everyone over to the project.

    convince someone

  • WIND st DOWN--Let's wind the meeting down for today.

    bring to a close, finish something

  • WIPE st OUT--the tornado wiped the town out.

    destroy something

  • WOLF st DOWN--Don't wolf your dinner down. Enjoy it.

    eat very quickly

  • WORK st IN--I think we can work your presentation in this afternoon.


  • WORK OUT--I worked out until five o'clock.

    do exercise

  • WORK st OUT--Let's work the deal out tomorrow.

    calculate, complete the details of

  • WORK TOWARDS st--We're working towards ending hunger in the inner cities.

    move towards a goal

  • WORK sb UP--Be careful what you say so you don't work her up.

    make angry, nervous

  • WRAP st UP--Let's wrap the meeting up for today.


  • WRESTLE WITH st--We're wrestling with the scheduling this week.

    work hard to understand or do

  • WRITE st OFF--They wrote $3,000 off.

    cancel a debt

  • WRITE st UP--Can you write the report up for next week?

    report on something in written form

  • YEARN FOR st/sb--I'm yearning for some chocolate today.

    want someone or something very much

  • YIELD TO st--Cars must yield to bicycles on this road.

    be replaced by something

  • ZERO IN ON st--We're zeroing in on the cause of the problem.

    concentrate on something, find the most important part

  • ZIP st UP--Zip your coat up and let's go.

    close using a zipper

  • ZONE OUT--I often zone out if I've worked more than eight hours.

    not pay attention, not think about anything

  • ZONK OUT--I zonked out as soon as I got home.

    fall asleep

  • ZOOM OFF--He zoomed off after the meeting finished.

    leave quickly