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Sports all-rounder

Sports all-rounder

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An enticing sports enthusiast quiz, invites you to a challenging and demanding knowledge test in sport to help you search, explore and discover fun, new yet interesting facts.

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Items (25)

  • How many dimples an average golf ball has?


  • How many minutes of total action does a baseball game consist of?


  • Which sport is the most participant in the world?


  • How many feathers should a birdie have based on the Olympic Badminton rules?


  • Boxing became a legal sport in which year?


  • Where and when the very first modern olympic games were held?

    Athens, Greece. 1896

  • At which speed has the fastest ever tennis serve been recorded?

    155 mph (250 kph)

  • Curling stones used in the Olympic sport of curling are made from which rock?


  • A football player runs on average how many kilometres?

    9.65 kms during every game

  • Which are the only two nations in the world to refer to football as soccer?

    America and Canada

  • Who is the only goalkeeper in the history of FIFA World to win a Golden Ball trophy?

    Oliver Kahn

  • Swimming became an olympic sport in which year?


  • Which is the most famous bicycle race in the world?

    Tour de France

  • Tennis originated in which country?

    Great Britain

  • The fastest ever serve of 205km/h in women's tennis was performed by which athlete?

    Venus Williams

  • Of which two countries in the world, basketball is the national sport?

    Lithuania, and Georgia

  • Which athlete holds the world record for 100m race?

    Usain Bolt

  • The diameter of a hockey puck consists of how many inches?


  • Who is considered to be the greatest ever racing driver of Formula 1?

    Ayrton Senna

  • Which country holds the record for the largest winning margin in Rugby, beating Namibia 142-0 in the 2003 championship?


  • Which of the Italian football clubs has won the historic treble?

    Inter Milan

  • Which country holds the most olympic medals in gymnastics?

    Soviet Union

  • Who was named the MVP of 2011 NBA Championship Finals?

    Dirk Nowitzki

  • How long was the longest surf ride ever recorded for?

    3 hours and 55 minutes

  • How many equestrian medals did Germany win at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

    All six