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DLI Basic Course 8-43 P2

DLI Basic Course 8-43 P2

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Illnesses and Injuries

Items (25)

  • jiù-rescue; save; salvage; help

  • 严重/嚴重

    yánzhòng-serious; grave; critical

  • 烧伤/燒傷

    shāoshāng-burned and injured (v.)

  • 生命


  • 随后/隨後

    suíhòu-soon afterward; soon after

  • 康复/康復

    kāngfù-restored to health; recover

  • 治疗/治療

    zhìliáo-treat (v.); cure; treatment

  • xiōng-chest; breast

  • bèi-the back of the body

  • tuǐ-leg

  • 肿块/腫塊

    zhǒngkuài-swollen lump

  • 卧床/臥床

    wòchuáng-lie in bed

  • yāo-wrist

  • 升降

    shēngjiàng-rise and fall; go up and down

  • 指导/指導

    zhǐdǎo-guide; direct; guidance; conduct

  • fú-support with the hand; hold up

  • 站立

    zhànlì-stand; rise; arise; be on one’s feet

  • 晕/暈

    yūn-dizzy; giddy; faint

  • 功能


  • 恢复/恢復

    huīfù-recover; regain; restore

  • 于是

    yúshì -thereupon; hence; consequently

  • 除掉

    chúdiào-remove; get rid of

  • 膝盖/膝蓋


  • 伤疤/傷疤


  • 手术/手術

    shǒushù-surgical operation; operation