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Psychology - Fallacy

Psychology - Fallacy

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A list of Mental fallacies from the book 'You are now less dumb' by David McRaney

Items (23)

  • What is Heuristic?

    Assumptions based on experience

  • What is Cognitive Bias?

    Tendency to think in our direction even if others are just as good.

  • What is Logical Fallacies?

    Starting an argument with a conclusion already in mind and working against logic to prove that.

  • What do Heuristics do?

    They help you think faster. A lot faster.

  • What do Cognitive Biases do?

    They help you make safe and familiar choices.

  • What do Logical Fallacies do?

    They help Heuristics and Biases function against logic.

  • What is Narrative Bias?

    Preference for Narrative over facts.

  • What is The Common Belief Fallacy?

    Thinking that large consensus is always correct.

  • What is The Benjamin Franklin Effect?

    You like people you help or dislike ones you harm.

  • What is The Post Hoc Fallacy?

    Inability to believe lack of reason.

  • What is Ego Depletion?

    Willpower is a finite resource.

  • What is The Halo Effect?

    Judging qualities based on appearance.

  • What is Misattribution of Arousal?

    Finding an Imaginary cause for feelings that might not have any.

  • What is Pluralistic Ignorance?

    On certain issues, the majority of the people believe that the majority of the people in a group believe what, in truth, the minority of the members believe.

  • What is The Illusion of External agency?

    You often incorrectly give credit to outside forces for providing your optimism.

  • What is The Backfire Effect?

    When your deepest convictions are challenged by contradictory evidence, your beliefs get stronger.

  • What is The Illusion of Asymmetric Insight?

    Thinking you respect differing opinions.

  • What is No True Scotsman Fallacy?

    Thinking your ideologies are definite while you constantly change the definitions.

  • What is Enclosed Cognition?

    Clothes you wear change your behavior and can either add or subtract from your mental abilities.

  • What is Deindividuation?

    People are prone to losing your individuality and becoming absorbed into a hive mind.

  • What is Sunk Cost Fallacy?

    Thinking that you make rational decisions based on the future value of objects while emotional investment is the driving factor.

  • What is Overjustification?

    Getting rewards for tasks will sometimes cause your love for the task to wane.

  • What is The Self Enhancement Bias?

    Combination of Superiority Bias, Optimism Bias and Illusion of control.