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kpds Yaygın Stative Passives

kpds Yaygın Stative Passives

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kpds Yaygın Stative Passives

Items (73)

  • be absorbed in sth

    bir şeye kendini kaptırmak

  • be accustomed to sth/so

    alışkın olmak

  • be acquainted with sth/so

    aşina olmak

  • be addicted to sth/so

    müptela, bağımlı olmak

  • be amazed at sth

    çok şaşırmak

  • be annoyed at / about sth


  • be annoyed with so


  • be associated with sth

    ilişkili olmak

  • be astonished at sth


  • be based on sth

    e dayalı olmak

  • be blessed with sth

    -ile kutsanmak, Allah vergisi

  • be bored with sth

    canı sıkılmak

  • be committed to sth/so

    kendini adamak

  • be composed of sth

    -den oluşmak

  • be concerned about sth


  • be concerned with sth

    ilgilenmek, ilgili olmak

  • be confused with sth

    kafası karışmak

  • be connected to so/sth

    akraba, bağlantılı olmak

  • be connected with sth

    bağlantılı, ilgili olmak

  • be convinced of sth

    ikna olmak

  • be coordinated with sth

    -ile uyumlu olmak

  • be covered with sth

    -ile kapatmak

  • be covered in sth

    -ile kaplı olmak, kapatmak

  • be crowded with so

    ile dolu olmak

  • be dedicated to so/sth

    kendini adamak

  • be delighted at / with

    -den memnun olmak

  • be derived from sth

    -den türemek

  • be devoted to so/sth

    kendini adamak

  • be disappointed in/with so

    hayal kırıklığına uğramak

  • be disappointed at/about sth

    hayal kırıklığına uğramak

  • be discriminated against so

    ayrımcılık yapmak

  • be disgusted at / with so


  • be disgusted at sth


  • be divorced from so


  • be done with sth

    işi bitmek, tamamlamak

  • be dressed in sth


  • be engaged to so

    nişanlı olmak

  • be equipped with sth

    donanmış olmak

  • be excited about sth


  • be exposed to sth

    maruz kalmak

  • be filled with

    -ile dolu olmak

  • be finished with sth

    -ile işi bitmek

  • be furnished with sth


  • be impressed with sth


  • be interested in sth


  • be involved in sth

    karışmak, bulaşmak

  • be known for sth

    -ile tanınmak

  • be limited to sth

    -ile sınırlı olmak

  • be made from (if the raw material changes chemically as well as physically)

    -den oluşmak

  • be made of (if there is only physical change in the raw material)

    -den oluşmak

  • be made out of (if you alter an item, and use it with a different aim)

    -den oluşmak

  • be married to so

    -ile evli olmak

  • be obliged to so

    minnettar olmak

  • be opposed to sth/so

    -e karşı olmak

  • be pleased about / with sth

    -den memnun olmak

  • be prepared for sth

    -e hazır olmak

  • be provided with sth

    sağlanmak, temin edilmek

  • be related to sth / so

    bağlantılı, akraba olmak

  • be remembered for sth

    -ile hatırlanmak

  • be satisfied with sth

    -den memnun olmak

  • be scared of so/sth

    -den korkmak

  • be separated from sth/so

    -den ayrı olmak, ayrılmak

  • be shocked at sth

    çok şaşırmak

  • be surprised at sth


  • be synchronized with sth

    ile uyum içinde olmak

  • be terrified of sth/so

    çok korkmak

  • be thrilled at / with sth

    çok heyecanlanmak

  • be tired of sth

    -den bıkmak

  • be tired from sth

    den yorulmak

  • be troubled with sth/so

    -ile başı belada olmak

  • be upset with so/sth

    hayal kırıklığına uğramak

  • be used to sth/so

    -e alışkın olmak

  • be worried about sth

    kaygılanmak, endişelenmek