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EEG Abbreviations

EEG Abbreviations

Last update 

Medical Abbreviations useful for EEG technologists

Items (20)

  • ACTH

    adrenocorticotropin hormone

  • AED

    antiepileptic drug


    benign epilepsy of childhood with centrotemporal spikes

  • CAE

    childhood absence epilepsy

  • CPS

    complex partial seizure

  • CSWS

    continuous spikes and waves during slow-wave sleep

  • FLE

    frontal lobe epilepsy

  • GABA

    gamma-aminobutyric acid

  • GTCS

    generalized tonic clonic seizure

  • HV


  • IPS

    intermittent photic stimulation

  • JME

    juvenile myoclonic epilepsy

  • LGS

    lennox-gastaut syndrome

  • PGE

    primary generalized epilepsy

  • MTLE

    mesial temporal lobe epilepsy

  • MTS

    mesial temporal lobe epilepsy

  • PNES

    psychogenic nonepileptic seizures


    temporal intermittent rhythmic delta activity

  • TLE

    temporal lobe epilepsy

  • VNS

    vagal nerve stimulation