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spanish verbs

spanish verbs

Last update 

100 most common spanish verbs

Items (100)

  • ser

    to be (essential/permanent quality)

  • estar

    to be (health, location, state)

  • tener

    to have

  • hacer

    to do, make

  • poder

    to be able, can

  • decir

    to say, tell

  • ir

    to go

  • ver

    to see

  • dar

    to give

  • saber

    to know (information)

  • querer

    to want, love

  • llegar

    to arrive, come, reach

  • pasar

    to pass, to spend (time), to happen

  • deber

    to owe, must, should, ought to

  • poner

    to put, place, set

  • parecer

    to seem, appear

  • quedar

    to stay, remain

  • creer

    to believe

  • hablar

    to speak

  • llevar

    to carry, bring

  • dejar

    to leave, abandon, to let, allow

  • seguir

    to follow, continue

  • encontrar

    to find, encounter

  • llamar

    to call, to name

  • venir

    to come

  • pensar

    to think

  • salir

    to leave, go out

  • volver

    to return, go back

  • tomar

    to take, drink

  • conocer

    to know (people, places)

  • vivir

    to live

  • sentir

    to feel, regret

  • tratar

    to treat, handle

  • mirar

    to watch, look at

  • contar

    to count, relate, tell

  • empezar

    to begin, start

  • esperar

    to hope

  • buscar

    to search for, look for

  • existir

    to exist

  • entrar

    to enter, go in, come in

  • trabajar

    to work

  • escribir

    to write

  • perder

    to lose

  • producir

    to produce

  • ocurrir

    to occur, happen

  • entender

    to understand

  • pedir

    to request, ask for

  • recibir

    to receive, to welcome, greet

  • recordar

    to remember, remind

  • terminar

    to finish, end

  • permitir

    to permit, allow

  • aparecer

    to appear, show up

  • conseguir

    to get, obtain

  • comenzar

    to begin, start, commence

  • servir

    to serve

  • sacar

    to take out, stick out

  • necesitar

    to need, require

  • mantener

    to maintain, get

  • resultar

    to turn out (to be)

  • leer

    to read

  • caer

    to fall

  • cambiar

    to change

  • presentar

    to introduce

  • crear

    to create, to make

  • abrir

    to open

  • considerar

    to consider

  • oír

    to hear

  • acabar

    to finish, end

  • convertir

    to convert, change

  • ganar

    to win, gain, earn, get, acquire

  • formar

    to form, shape, fashion, make

  • traer

    to bring, to get, fetch, to carry

  • partir

    to divide, to leave

  • morir

    to die

  • aceptar

    to accept, approve, to agree to

  • realizar

    to achieve, attain, accomplish

  • suponer

    to suppose

  • comprender

    to understand, comprehend

  • lograr

    to get, obtain, to achieve, attain

  • explicar

    to explain

  • preguntar

    to ask, inquire

  • tocar

    to touch, to play (an instrument)

  • reconocer

    to recognize

  • estudiar

    to study

  • alcanzar

    to reach, catch up

  • nacer

    to be born

  • dirigir

    to direct

  • correr

    to run

  • utilizar

    to use, utilize

  • pagar

    to pay, pay for

  • ayudar

    to help

  • gustar

    to please, be pleasing

  • jugar

    to play (a game or sport)

  • escuchar

    to listen, hear

  • cumplir

    to fulfil, carry out

  • ofrecer

    to offer

  • descubrir

    to discover

  • levantar

    to raise, to lift

  • intentar

    to try, attempt

  • usar

    to use