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Forr EEG test

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    1619puzzles solved

Items (137)

  • infarction

    death of tissue due to no oxygen

  • hemiparesis

    weakness of an entire side of the body

  • Crutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

    change in behavior, motor function, dementia, really messes you up

  • premature ventricular contraction

    heart squeezed by ventricles rather than sinatrial node. Premature. Squeezes blood before totally full

  • contra-coup

    brain injury on the opposide of head injury

  • vestibular system

    helps with balance (equilibrium)

  • resistance

    is the force opposing direct current flow

  • rhythmic mid temporal discharges are

    a normal finding! Helleluiah

  • Do you measure alternating frequencies in volts?

    no, you're an idiot

  • common mode rejection

    characteristic of an amplifier that rejects external inteference

  • altzheimers

    is totally the most common form of dementia

  • crutzfeldt-jakob disease

    is related somehow to mad cow, weird!?

  • 30 compressions (CPR) equals how many breaths

    2, aim for 100 compressions per minute unless you want them to die

  • dilantin is

    an antiepileptic drug, it is not candy

  • myelin sheath

    insulates the axon and speeds up transmission, pew pew pew

  • electrodes placed on dorum of the hand

    measure artiface from surrounds (dumb)

  • homonculus

    representation of the motor and sensory cortex of the brain(you'd think the penis would be bigger)

  • Transerse montage is also called


  • 3 hz generalized spike and wave has a high correlation with

    absence seizure

  • retina is the back of the eye

    yeah bitch

  • the limbic is system which is kind of all over the place in the brain

    is involved with fear anger, sex

  • Wilson

    his 13th chromosome is all messed up

  • mega

    means a million. Like the mega millions yaooow!!!

  • milli

    one thousand

  • anterior and posterior

    basically the same as dorsal and ventral (front and back)

  • electrode impedance

    should be under 5000 ohms

  • The International Classification of Epilepsies and Epileptic Syndromes places juvenile myoclonic epilepsy under what category

    generalized epilepsies and syndromes

  • Positive Occipital Sharp Transients (POSTS) are typically found in what age group

    13 to 25 year olds

  • During HV if you see focal delta


  • parkinsonism leads to death in the

    substantia nigra

  • thrombosis

    formation of a blood clot

  • nystagmus

    involuntary eye movement

  • Thrombosis of the anterior cerebral artery

    gonna cause contralateral lower extremity weakness

  • sreda

    subclinical rhythmic eeg discharge in adults

  • the amplifiers

    are differential dammit

  • the auditory association area

    is right in the middle of the brain

  • chorea

    involuntary movement disorder (crazy random movement)

  • hypocapnia

    low CO2 in blood, leads to cerebral vasoconstriction, could be caused by HV

  • ACNS guidelines for montages

    state anterior to posterior order

  • huntington's chorea

    DISORDER: dance-like head movements

  • hydroencephalus

    is like a lake in the middle of the brain cerebrospinal fluid

  • Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis

    rare brain inflammation. Usually affects kids and young adults (can by caused by measles)

  • central coronal chain

    ear to ear over the top of head

  • by doubling the time constant

    you record more slow frequencies???

  • glossokinetic response

    tongue movements!

  • diencephalon

    in the embryo it develops into the posterior forebrain strucutre

  • diencephalon

    is composed of the thalamus and hypothalamus

  • contra coup

    blow to the head opposite the brain injury

  • for some reason liver disease

    causes triphasic waves in EEG

  • for eci recording keep the electrodes at least

    10 cm apart

  • current is

    flow of electrons measured in amp

  • medulloblastoma

    malignant brain tumor primarily seen in children

  • canthus

    it's just the corner of the eye dude

  • activation of an abcense seizure happens most often during


  • LH (lutenizing hormone)

    is produced in the pituitary gland

  • three basic computer ports

    serial, parallel, and usb

  • CD_ROM

    read only memory

  • the resting potential of a neuron is

    -60 to -80 mV with the inside of the cell more negative than the outside

  • IPSP and EPSP (whatever they stand for)

    are thought to generate the eeg signal

  • Creutzfeld-Jacob disease is associated with

    periodic complexes

  • At the frequency of the cutoff of a filter

    there is attenuation, lowers voltage by 20 to 30%

  • sleep apnea

    is the most common sleep disorder

  • rhythmic temporal theta

    is normal in an adult awake eeg

  • lambda waves

    sharp transients over the occipital region when eyes are open

  • ACNS American Clinical Neurophysiology Society

    make rules for EEGs

  • The desirable characteristic of a differential amplifier in which like signals are cancelled is calle

    Common mode rejection

  • It's possible to have pulse artifact

    in the temporal electrodes

  • soma

    bulbous part of a neuron containing the cell nucleus

  • Creutzfeld-Jacob disease is

    caused by proteinaceous infections particle

  • the falx cerebri

    the line that runs down the middle of the brain

  • subdermal electrodes

    do not record directly from the brain

  • The use of nasopharyngeal or T1/T2 aka F9/F10 electrodes are most helpful in recording epileptiform discharges associated with

    complex partial seizures

  • hemianopsia

    blindness in half the visual field

  • Inflammation of the coverings of the brain or spinal cord is called


  • no difference in electrical potential can be caused by

    phase cancellation, equipotential, common mode rejection

  • anoxia

    reduced oxygen

  • anoxic insult will affect what first


  • erniation of the uncus results in compression of which cranial nerve


  • Without dietetic treatment, this hereditary disease may cause mental retardation and infantile spasms


  • locked-in syndrome

    brainstem injury resulting in being paralyzed except for eyes

  • bell's phenomenon

    eyes roll down when you open eyes

  • sleep spindles

    don't happen till stage 2 sleep

  • FIRDA is seen in


  • increased anasthesia causes

    increased beta then intermixed theta then delta, with burst suppression if anesthesia is deep enough

  • Sodium amytal

    used for the wada test

  • wada test

    paralyzing one side of the brain to figure out what's responsible for important memory bladi

  • 4th degree burn

    involves bone and muscle

  • 3rd degree means

    all layers of skin are destroyed

  • first degree burn

    has no blisters

  • astrocytoma

    brain tumor usually slow growing

  • infantile spasms are treated with


  • look at symmetry of sleep spindles to figure

    maturity of infant

  • glasgow coma scale

    assesses level of consciousness

  • an atom

    maintains it's chemical character

  • stage 1

    I saw POSTS

  • When recording for ECI, it is recommended that the sensitivity be ____µV/mm and the low filter should not be higher than ____ Hz for at least ____ mins. of recording

    2, 1.0, 30

  • Mechanical lesions are caused by

    pressure and removing adhesives to quickly

  • MRI

    magnetic resonance imaging

  • PET

    positive emission tomography

  • CT scan

    x-ray (drink given for contrast)

  • PETs are used for

    visualizing the metabolism of the brain

  • ischemic


  • ventral


  • dorsal


  • cephalad, caudal

    means the same as superior and inferior

  • generalized and partial

    two major seizure classifications

  • Ohm

    basic unit of resistance

  • Reyes Syndrome

    A disease of unknown cause, usually following a viral infection in children who have taken aspirin, and resulting in vomiting, listlessness, personality changes, disorientation, seizures and loss of consciousness:

  • a sharp wave could have a duration of

    160 msec

  • REM sleep

    is characterized by loss of muscle tone

  • Which infection is most likely to produce headache, fever, nuchal rigidity, coma, and death


  • action potential is the direct result of


  • high voltage diffuse theta in a 1 year old signifies the child is


  • LSC

    left superior canthus

  • RIC

    right inferior canthus

  • sleep spindles and V waves signify

    stage 2 sleep

  • hypnagogic hypersynchrony

    high amplitude synchronous eeg activity that is normal in children

  • hyperthyroidism

    causes an increase in posterior alpha activity

  • indwelling hear catheter

    means super electrical shock!!!!

  • progressive supranuclear palsy

    often confused with parkinson's at first but it's way worse

  • a common seizure pattern in neonates is

    rythmic focal activity

  • current is measured in


  • the parasympathetic nervous system uses only

    acetychlorine as it's neurotransmitter

  • the trigeminal nerve

    is the major sensory nerve in the face

  • afferent


  • efferent


  • eeg of someone with an Intracerebral hemorrhage would show

    delta activity over the affected area

  • electromotive force is measured in


  • during sleep a 44 week CA infant has

    regular respiration but no eye movements!! NONE!

  • voltage

    the potential charge difference between 2 points

  • Don't do HV

    to a kid with sickle cell disease

  • USB

    Universal Serial Bus

  • intravenous drip

    don't mess with shit

  • Benign Rolandic Epilepsy

    has central focal point abnormalities

  • Ativan (lorazepam), Valium (diazepam), Klonopin (clonazepam)


  • cornea

    front of the eye

  • suffix itis means