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EEG Abret 3

EEG Abret 3

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  • in order(thin strips in top of brain)

    premotor cortex, motor cortex, sensory cortex

  • slow alpha variant

    if it's slow just call it that

  • Ohm's law


  • I,V,R in order are

    I= current through wire, V = potential difference between the 2 points, and R= resistance

  • TIA

    transient ischemic attack

  • encephalitis

    apparently swelling, infection are synonomous

  • Second Degree burn

    has blistering but doesn't go into lower layers

  • Mu Rhythm is blocked by

    real or imagined contralateral movement

  • Subarachnoid hemhorage

    Occurs between 2 layers of the meninges

  • meninges

    membrane that surrounds the brain and spinal cord

  • the term complex with "Complex Partial Seizure"

    implies an impairment in consciousness

  • Bell’s Palsy

    temporary idiopathic unilateral facial paralysis,damage to cranial nerve VII

  • According to ACNS Guidelines, Recording Clinical EEG on Digital Media requires monitors to have

    Between 25 and 35 mm/second horizontal scaling and a minimum of 100 data points /second to accurately display EEG on the monitor screen.

  • PLED

    periodic lateralized eleptiform discharges

  • Leukoencephalopathies

    white matter disease, spasticity, hyperreflexia, Babinski’s Sign, optic atrophy, cortical blindness or deafness and seizures occurring late in the course.

  • maximum household current in U.S.

    240 Amps

  • xanthochromic

    the yellowish appearance of cerebrospinal fluid (which envelops the brain) in particular medical conditions, especially subarachnoid hemorrhage.

  • When recording for ECI, interelectrode impedances should be at least ____ ohms, but less than ____ ohms

    100, 10000

  • asynchronous sleep spindles are normal

    in a 13 month baby

  • Rassmussen’s Encephalitis

    inflammatory auto-immune, usually affecting half brain, children, frequent seizure, motor loss, retardation

  • Corpus Callosum

    connects symmetrical regions of the two hemispheres

  • hepatic failure

    basically liver failure, nobody knows the difference because it's a secret

  • triphasic waves

    usually around 1 to 2 hz and have a blunted spike top, bilaterral

  • an asymmetry in the Occipital voltages should be

    no greater than 50%

  • Electrical and Electrochemical burns

    are 2 electrode burns

  • sensory aphasia

    difficult comprehending the meaning of words

  • medulla

    controls automatic heartrate and breathing

  • the international 10 20 system

    has way more electrodes than we use, plus the Ts are named differently, Goddam

  • Occipital Slow Waves of Youth attenuate

    when the pt opens his eyes

  • A seizure characterized by a stare with no post-ictal confusion is a/an

    absence seizure

  • Calcium and Isopropyl Alcohol can cause

    Chemical skin lesions, contact dermatitis

  • Impedance is

    resistance to AC current (DC is just resistance)

  • in a bipolar montage the best way to localize is

    phase reversal

  • The midbrain, pons and medulla comprise the


  • syringomelia

    a cyst or cavity in spinal cord

  • psychogenic seizure

    means they're faking it

  • multiple sleep latency test

    quantify sleepiness and identify REM onset

  • Paget's disease

    bone is buildt fast but weak and big, breaks easy, FAGOT..

  • ataxia

    lack of voluntary coordination

  • West's syndrome

    awe it happens to lidl babies! Infantile spasms, hypsarrhythmia, development stop

  • Caudal

    means down

  • burr hole

    surgery creates a hole in brain

  • hypsarrhythmia

    usually diffuse high voltage but not too spiky, often with infants

  • Broca area

    circular shaped area toward front of head, ahhh you broka my area

  • central sulcus

    separates the parietal lobe from the frontal lobe

  • triphasic waves

    are associated with liver disease or hepatic yuckerson

  • the calibration input voltage

    does not change the activity being recorded

  • highest current you could grasp and probably still let go

    10 mA

  • Tardive Dyskinesia

    You tard! You used drugs til your movements were tarded!!

  • neuroleptics


  • 1 to 2.5 hertz generalized spike and wave is the characteristic pattern of


  • fasciculation

    brief spontaneous contraction of the muscles

  • Coloumbs

    a measurement of electric charge

  • parasympathetic nervous system

    fight or flight, digestion, sexual arousal

  • the parasympathetic nervous system is

    activated by relaxation??

  • Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy of Janz

    more seizures in morning, chromosome 6 is messed up

  • Friedreich’s Ataxia

    Spinocerebellar degeneration:

  • Substantia nigra supplies the neurotransmitter


  • Impedance

    opposition to the flow of Alternating Current

  • Temporal spikes at a rate of one every 1 to 3 seconds are seen with

    herpes encephalitis

  • happens during drowsiness

    14 and 6 hz positive spikes, BETS, and SEMS

  • BETS

    benign eliptiform Transients of Sleep