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102-104年四技二專統測 - 英文 - 字彙題

102-104年四技二專統測 - 英文 - 字彙題

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102-104 四技二專統測英文字彙題練習

Items (35)

  • Thank you very much for helping me ____________ my bicycle yesterday. You really gave a hand.


  • My parents and I often ____________ to clean up the beach with neighbors on weekends. We feel happy that we can do something for the Earth.


  • The recent terrorist ____________ in Australia and Europe raised concerns about national safety all over the world.


  • The old couple celebrated their fiftieth wedding ____________ in a famous Italian restaurant. All their children and grandchildren attended the party.


  • Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LINE are among the most popular social ____________ services that connect people worldwide.


  • Bird flu, a viral disease of birds, does not usually ____________ humans; however, some viruses, such as H5N1 and H7N9, have caused serious diseases in people.


  • People who speak more than one language "fluently" process information more easily than those who know only one language.


  • It is urgent to develop good reading habits in order to "enlarge" the reading population and to help promote cultural industries.


  • The discussions of the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement in the Legislative Yuan provoked domestic "objections", which started the Sunflower Movement.


  • Many small and medium-sized "enterprises" in Taiwan possess resources and skills that allow them to occupy key positions in the global supply chains.


  • Since food safety was repeatedly reported in the news, Mom has been more ____________ than before about choosing and buying food.


  • Due to the heavy rainfall, many roads leading to the downtown area were ____________, and many people could not get to school or work.


  • The new medicine seems effective because many patients claim they have ____________ a great deal from taking it.


  • It is considered a ____________ to deny a person a job because of his or her age or gender.


  • It doesn’t matter what methods you use; the most important thing is that you complete the project before the ____________.


  • When the sunshine is too bright, we should wear sunglasses to ____________ our eyes.


  • We do not have any job openings ____________, but we will contact you if that changes.


  • Because of his hard work, my cousin finally "realized" his goal and entered the university he had dreamed of.


  • A strong typhoon is nearing Taiwan, so Tom’s plan to go surfing on this weekend has been "rejected" by his father.

    turned down

  • The glass container has been "tightly" locked, so almost no air can get into it.


  • It rained so hard yesterday that the baseball game had to be _______ until next Saturday.


  • As more people rely on the Internet for information, it has ________ newspapers as the most important source of news.


  • Having saved enough money, Joy ________ two trips for this summer vacation, one to France and the other to Australia.


  • Since I do not fully understand your proposal, I am not in the position to make any _______ on it.


  • Betty was _______ to accept her friend’s suggestion because she thought she could come up with a better idea herself.


  • The bank tries its best to attract more customers. Its staff members are always available to provide _______ service.


  • John’s part-time experience at the cafeteria is good _______ for running his own restaurant.


  • Women’s fashions are _______ changing: One season they may favor pantsuits, but the next season they may prefer miniskirts.


  • Standing on the seashore, we saw a ______ of seagulls flying over the ocean before they glided down and settled on the water.


  • The book is not only informative but also _______, making me laugh and feel relaxed while reading it.


  • After working in front of my computer for the entire day, my neck and shoulders got so _______ that I couldn’t even turn my head.


  • Getting a flu shot before the start of flu season gives our body a chance to build up protection against the _______ that could make us sick.


  • The kingdom began to _______ after the death of its ruler, and was soon taken over by a neighboring country.


  • Though Kevin failed in last year’s singing contest, he did not feel ______. This year he practiced day and night and finally won first place in the competition.


  • Emma and Joe are looking for a live-in babysitter for their three-year-old twins, ______ one who knows how to cook.