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EEG Material Pack Sept 22

EEG Material Pack Sept 22

Last update 

EEG Material Pack Sept 22

Items (50)

  • photomyogenic response

    myoclonus of facial muscles

  • Ohm's Law I=Current

    E(or V)=voltage (potential difference), R = resistance

  • chemical synapses can be

    axo-dentric, aso-axonic, or axo-somatic

  • Frederic Gibbs, William Lennox, and Hallowell Davis

    were harvard buddies

  • bacterial meningitis causes focal and widespread slow wave

    because it causes polymorphonuclear response

  • a spike has a duration of

    20-70 milliseconds

  • complex partial seizure disorder

    likely spikes left temporal

  • lamictal and zonegram are examples


  • trigeminal nerve

    major nerve in the face

  • subacute sclerosing panencephalitis eeg shows

    discharges at 4-15 sec interval, myoclonic, child/teenager, personality change

  • are terms used to describe eeg

    polarity, morphology, and even periodicity

  • leukocyte

    white blood cell

  • photocell artifact

    light causes artifact in frontal electrodes

  • an aura may indicate a focal onset

    and the type may indicate location

  • lateral rectus

    eye muscle

  • process where cell engulfs a foreign particle


  • brain on average is only 2% of body weight

    but it uses 15% cardiac and 20% oxygen

  • the outermost cerebral cortex is called

    the neocortex

  • 1 VOLT =

    1 million microvolts

  • ventricular fibrillation

    uncoordinated contraction of heart/ causes quivering heart/ heart attack

  • incidence is number of new patients with diagnoses

    over population/ over time

  • Fourier Analysis simplify complex

    sum of simple formula

  • central sleep apnea

    no obstruction

  • Ohm

    unit of resistance

  • myelitis

    inflammation of the spinal cord


    Health insurance portability and accountability act

  • ballistocardiographic artifact

    most common artifact cause from heart

  • common mode rejection ratio is usually

    10000 to 1

  • multiple sclerosis at first dizziness, tingling,

    problems with vision, then you can't move your legs. Dam!

  • Standard EEG coma: Stage 1

    Near Normal

  • galvanometers operate on the premise

    of electromagnetism

  • Carotid Endarterectomy

    surgery remove plaque in the arteries of the neck

  • cruetzfeld jacob disease is

    fatal, myoclonic jerks, dementia

  • first degree burn

    has no blisters

  • RMTD (usually 5-7 hz)

    rythmic mid temporal discharge

  • photic should be placed

    20-30 centimeters from face

  • achondroplasia

    hereditary/ short limbs

  • apraxia

    inability to perform certain actions/brain damage

  • agnosia

    inability to recognize things

  • dysarthria

    difficulty speaking

  • sampling rate recommended by ACNS

    200 or higher

  • polyspike and slow wave

    associated with myoclonic seizure or facial twitching

  • ativan, klonopin, valium


  • aphasia

    language disorder

  • END instruments should be checked

    every 6 months

  • sinusoidal

    wave with a repeating pattern

  • altzeimers eeg

    overall slowing and low amplitude theta

  • vector-born transmission

    transmitted from blood sucking mosquitoes

  • droplet transmission

    cough, sneeze, talk

  • airborne transmission

    only if it can remain alive in the air for awhile