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some english word for job and mail.

Items (23)

  • comply with - in order to comply with company's security policies, every employee is required to change their domain login password.

    遵守,遵從, 照做,遵照, 照辦

  • according to - To attach the patch file according to NXP’s suggestion. - according to this agreement, Sony can release the code after merging FN code.

    根據某個人說 / 的意見」或「根據某件事」

  • cope with - We made patch to cope with it, Please find attached file.


  • secure - Please review it with priority to secure its success on the project.


  • as soon as - As soon as I got home, Tom called me.

    連接幾乎同時發生的兩個動作 一~就...

  • reliability


  • upcoming - I would like to suggest the upcomingrelease of CXD2246GG code. - We were all enthusiastic about the upcoming holidays.


  • afterward - You left before eleven. What did you do afterward? - You can find me firstly afterward.

    adv. 之後,以後,後來

  • I was wondering if/whether ~


  • What do you think of / about … - What do you think of the plan? - I think it’s too complicated.

    要問別人對某人或某事物的看法或意見時 (你覺得~ ) ; 你的看法「如何」或你的看法「怎麼樣」? 要表達自己的看法或意見,也該用 I think ……

  • How do you like …? - How do you like the food here? - It couldn't be better./It's fantastic./I've never tasted better. - I like it. (Wrong!) - How do you like the weather? - It's fine./ I prefer it warmer..

    也是在問對方的看法~; 你認為某件事(的想法)怎麼樣? 你對somethig(某些東西)的想法是怎樣的?

  • at the earliest ~ - We will give you a reply on Friday at the earliest. - She is going to be here at 9 pm at the earliest. - I'd like to see the doctor at the earliest possible time.

    最早~; at the earliest (possible) date/time/opportunity. 我們最早在星期五給你答覆。 她最早也得晚上九點才能到這兒。 我想盡快看醫生.

  • I have known Paul since we were children. I haven't seen you for a long time. I have just finished lunch. I have visited New York twice.

    .表達 持續 時 : 某種特定的動作或行為,從過去某個時間點開始,一直到現在,仍持續進行的狀態 .表示一個動作從過去到現在,已經做完or還沒做完or 都可以 表示經驗->以前有沒有做過甚麼事情? 用現在完成式或過去式都可以.

  • I have been to the airport to see my uncle off. - My father has gone to HongKong on business.

    - Have/Has been to + 地點 ->曾經去過~(地方) - Have/Has gone to + 地點 -> 已經去了~(地方) --> (只適用於第3人稱) see off + 人 -> 送行,送別; 歡送 ~某人

  • - She applied for a job with the local newspaper. - If you are not a member of the Android Partner Security group, please apply for the membership by following the steps below. - I applied to four universities and was accepted by all of them. - I apply to Taiwan Bank for a loan.

    . apply for ~ 請求得到~ - apply for 著重透過申請的過程取得你想要的東西,所以後面 for 要接你想得到的那一樣東西。 . apply to ~ (for ...) 向~申請...; 適用於~ - apply to 著重以申請者的身分向某個單位提出申請,所以後面 to 要接受理申請的單位或機關

  • on vacation on business

    on vacation 渡假 on business 出差

  • Did you ever see such a beautiful sunset = Have you ever seen such a beautiful sunset?

    表示經驗時(以前有沒有做過甚麼事情?) --> 用[現在完成式]或[過去式]都可以.

  • - The doctor assured me that I would get better. - Please ensure that the lights are switched off before leaving the building.

    . assure 表示 "向某人保證某事將要發生" . ensure 是表示 "確保某事發生".

  • temporary temporarily earlier early

    (adj.) 暫時的,臨時的 (adv.) 暫時地,一時,臨時 (adj.) 更早的 (adv.) 早的,早期的

  • series


  • designate - The addresses and setting values are designated in word units. - the UICC must be designated as the routing destination beforehand by RF_SET_LISTEN_MODE_ROUTING_CMD. - He was designated to lead the NFC team.

    1. (用特殊符號,名字) 標明;表示 2. (為某項工作或目的)任命,選定,指派[(+as)] - be designated sth - be designated sth as/for sth - designate sb to do sth

  • When airbags deploy, they ​save ​lives. My ​job doesn't really ​allow me ​fully to deploy my ​skills/​talents.

    有效運用, 發揮…的作用, 部署… - to put something into use

  • accordingly - Because there are huge change in card mode since android, vendor also have very huge change in Firmware accordingly.