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css cascadig

css cascadig

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css cascadig

Items (13)

  • Allows long words to be able to be broke and wrap onto the next line

    word-wrap: break-word;

  • Displays element as block element (like <p>)

    display: block;

  • Dsplays element as inline element (like span)

    dsplay: inline;

  • Specifies sites of an element where floating elements are not allowed

    clear: both;

  • Layout der Website in kleine logische Module aufteilen, die unabhänig von der Position im Layout gestylt werden.

    Modular CSS

  • unterschiedliche Navigationen: Gemeinsamkeiten -> übergeordnete Klasse | Eigenheiten -> separate Klasse.

    Mdular CSS Navigation Beispiel

  • style.css // läd andere CSS Dateien mit @import, mit link Element in HTML Dokument einbinden

    Zentrales stylesheet

  • CSS Aufteilung in sinnvolle Einheiten

    z.B. Layout, Kopf-Fußleiste, Navigation, Inhalt...

  • 5 types of css categories

    Base, Layout, Modules, State

  • Base (headings, sizes, default link styles, default font, body background etc.

    defaults, almost exclusive single element selectors

  • Layout: minor components (Modules), major (Layout Styles)

    devides page into sections, holds one or more modules together

  • Modules

    reusable, modular parts (callouts, sidebar sections, product lists)

  • State

    module or layout look when in a particular state