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Items (23)

  • who are you?

    Cé tusa?

  • what's your name?

    Cad is anim duit?/Cént-ainm atá ort?

  • Juan is my name

    Juan is anim dom?

  • And


  • Good morning

    Dia duit

  • (Good morning's answer)

    Dia's muire duit

  • How are you?

    Conas tá tú?

  • I am okay

    Tá me go maith

  • Pardon me,excuse me

    Gabh mo leithsceal

  • I am sorry

    Tá brón arm

  • Hello


  • You are welcome

    Tá failte rouhat

  • Can you repeat

    Au féidir leat é ará nairhain eile?

  • How do you say…. In spanish?

    Cen spainnis atá ar ….?

  • How do you say… In irish

    Cen ghaeilge atá ar…?

  • why

    C'en fath?

  • How do you spell….?

    Connas a litritear e?

  • Very well


  • Good luck!

    Go n-éirí leat!

  • No problem!

    Nil aon fhadhb!

  • More colloquial way of how are you?

    Aou scéal?

  • Wow!


  • Nice to meet you

    Go deas bualadh leat!