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토플 독해필수단어모음 (한영)

토플 독해필수단어모음 (한영)

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토플 독해필수단어모음 (한영-유의어)

Items (38)

  • 기간, 시기

    period, age, era, epoch

  • 모임, 집단

    mass, aggregation, collection, accumulation, pile

  • 자극하다, 고무하다

    stir, agitate, incite, instigate, prompt, rouse, torment, arouse, provoke, stimulate, goad, spur

  • 방해

    disturbance, agitation, disorder, confusion, uproar

  • 일치, 조화

    accord, agree, assent, concur

  • 도와주다, 지지하다

    support, aid, help, assist, advocate

  • 속임수, 가장

    affectation, pretense

  • 놀라운

    frightful, alarming, awful, horrible, gruesome

  • 경계하는, 조심하는

    wary, alert, careful, cautious

  • 동맹

    ally, align, confederate, join, combine, affiliate, conjoin, league

  • 매력, 매혹

    lure, allure, decoy, attract, tempt, seduce

  • 언급

    reference, allusion, mention

  • 거의

    nearly, almost, approximately, well-nigh

  • 옆으로 나란히

    abreast, alongside

  • 변화하다

    change, alter, turn, transform, vary

  • 놀라다

    astonish, amaze, surprise, astound, shock, startle, stun

  • 고치다, 수정하다

    correct, amend, remedy, cure

  • 온화한

    mild, amiable, gentle, temperate, clement

  • 널찍한, 광대한

    spacious, ample, capacious, extensive, vast

  • 유사

    resemblance, analogy, similarity, affinity, similitude, likeness

  • 분노, 화

    rage, anger, fury, wrath, resentment, indignation

  • 자극하다

    arouse, animate, awaken, excite, incite, stimulate

  • 제거하다, 없애다

    exterminate, annihilate, destroy, eradicate, eliminate

  • 알리다, 선언하다

    proclaim, announce, declare, promulgate

  • 괴롭히다

    bother, annoy, worry, trouble, harass, disturb

  • 철폐하다

    abolish, annul, nullify, revoke

  • 기대

    prospect, anticipation, expectation, outlook, perspective

  • 정상

    top. apex, zenith, acme, peak, summit, pinnacle, culmination, vertex

  • 명백한

    visible, apparent, manifest, obvious, evident, open, observable, clear, conspicuous, unmistakable

  • 출현

    advent, appearance, arrival

  • 불안, 걱정

    misgiving, apprehension, doubt, distrust, suspicion

  • 적당한

    proper, appropriate, fit, suitable, suited, adapted

  • 거의

    roughly, approximately, nearly

  • 능력

    talent, aptitude, capacity, capability, gift, genius, faculty

  • 전제적인, 포악한

    tyrannical arbitrary, despotic, oppressive

  • 열렬한, 열성적인

    fervent, ardent, earnest, heated, hot, burning, zealous, passionate, enthusiastic

  • 지역, 영역

    domain, zone, area, field, territory, province, realm, district, section

  • 도래, 유입

    influx arrival, incoming