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Unit 6

Unit 6

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  • Sensory memory

    Memory store; sight and sound, fraction of second

  • Echoic Memory

    Sensory memory; auditory

  • Iconic memory

    Sensory memory; visual

  • Explicit memory

    Long-term memory; facts and events

  • Implicit memory

    Long-term memory; procedures and conditioned responses

  • Capacity

    Amount of storage

  • Focused attention

    Focusing on one specific visual, auditory, tactile stimulus and ignoring all else

  • Divided attention

    Focus on multiple stimuli at once

  • Processing

    Encoding incoming information to memory.

  • Structural encoding

    Encoding method; physical structure of a stimulus.

  • Phonemic encoding

    Encoding method; what a word sounds like.

  • Semantic encoding

    Encoding method; the meaning of words.

  • Retention

    Keep information in one's memory until retrieval

  • Elaboration

    Link between new and prior information at encoding

  • Visual Imagery

    Creating pictures to remember new information.

  • Flashbulb memories

    Vivid accounts of important events

  • Decay theory

    Memories fade over time

  • Retrieval error

    Forget once, but recall another time, tip of tongue

  • Motivated forgetting

    Forgetting unwanted information

  • Ineffective encoding

    Information doesn't encode properly

  • Misinformation effect

    Misinformation leads to faulty recall

  • Mnemonic device

    Memory improving strategy

  • Source monitoring

    Deciding the origin of a memory at retrieval.

  • Reality monitoring

    Did something actually happen?

  • Link method

    Mnemonic device, linking items mentally

  • Method of loci

    Imaginary walk, picturing items

  • Overlearning

    Continuous practice after mastery

  • Concept

    General idea

  • Conceptual hierarchy

    Multilevel grouping, common properties

  • Exemplar model

    Mental list of traits to define

  • Prototype model

    Mental trait similarities and comparison

  • Cluster

    Grouping by similarities

  • Schema

    Organized knowledge about concept

  • Semantic network

    Group of concepts webbed together

  • Heuristic

    Guiding principle to solve problems

  • Creativity

    Generate ideas that are original, novel, and useful.

  • Insight

    Sudden discovery of a solution to a problem.

  • Fixation

    Inability to see a problem from a new perspective.

  • Functional fixedness

    Tendency to perceive an object in usual function

  • Mental set

    Tendency to use strategies that have been successful

  • Central executive

    Part of short term, focus and redirect info.

  • Phonological loop

    Part of short term, recitation/repitition

  • Visuospatial sketchpad

    Part of short term, manupilating images

  • Episodic buffer

    Part of short term, transfers info. in brain

  • Primary Effect

    More likely to remember first part of info.

  • Recency Effect

    More likely to remember last part of info.

  • Semantic information

    General information and trivia

  • Episodic information

    Specific personal event