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sharpen your pencil

Items (65)

  • 請降價

    sharpen your pencil

  • 我想不起你是誰

    I can’t place you

  • 不知道我能起什麼作用?

    I can't see where I come in

  • 工作優先

    My work comes first

  • 你的態度令我莫名其妙

    Your attitude gets me.

  • 不要誤會我的意思

    Don't get me wrong

  • 他把感冒傳給我

    He gave me his cold.

  • 讓我向諸位介紹今晚的演講者

    I give you our speaker for tonight

  • 對不起,打擾你了,可是這個問題急待處理

    Sorry to disturb you, but this problem won' t keep

  • 他要走了。

    He made to go.

  • 我受騙了!這古董是件膺品。

    I've been done ! The antique is a fake.

  • 他不願冒賠錢的風險

    He is not willing to run the risk of losing his money.

  • 我怎麼與你聯繫?

    How can I contact you?

  • 你贊成她的選擇嗎

    Do you approve of her choice?

  • 太陽從東方升起

    The sun rises in the east.

  • John有經驗做這類的事

    John has experience with this sort of thing.

  • 在他的幫助下,我及時做完了

    With his help, I finished it in time.

  • 這本書我能借多久?

    How long can I keep this book?

  • 我沒法接電話?

    I can’t answer the phone.

  • 惡事傳千里

    ill news runs space .

  • 他患了流行性感冒

    He is sick with influenza.

  • 百貨公司在做周年慶折扣

    department store is having an anniversary sale.

  • 你懂我的意思

    You get me

  • 他/她應有的報應

    Get his/hers

  • 我都可以、我隨便

    I am easy.

  • 我很容易變胖

    I gain weight so easily.

  • 我冬天容易感冒

    I am liable to catch cold in winter.

  • 學英文對他來說易如反掌

    English comes so easily to him.

  • 我趕時間

    I am in a hurry.

  • 我明天休假

    I'll be off tomorrow

  • 我要來了

    I’ll be there soon

  • 如果運氣好的話

    If all goes well

  • 遇到

    run into

  • 老主顧

    regular customers

  • 老員工

    senior staff

  • 學長姐

    x years my senior

  • 我們接下來應該怎麼做?

    Where do we go from here?

  • 這件事你怎麼想?

    What do you make of it?

  • 你剛剛說什麼?

    Come again?

  • 你憑什麼發號施令?

    Who put you in charge?

  • 你很積極

    You’re being offensive.

  • 你很討厭

    You’re offensive.

  • 時間不夠

    We don't have enough time.

  • 需要離開一下,跟面前的客人說「馬上回來」

    I'll be right with you.

  • 知對方再等一下「我快到了」

    I will be right there soon!

  • 想得美!

    Stuff you!

  • 惹某人生氣了

    to get/put somebody’s back up

  • 你不要出洋相

    Don't make a spectacle of yourself.

  • 迴轉

    Make a U-turn

  • 那個誰


  • 何必呢?」或是「何必多此一舉」

    Why bother?

  • 完全同意

    Word up

  • 我現在這樣就很好了,這樣就夠了

    I'm good

  • 這還用你說嗎?

    You are telling me.

  • 合併與收購

    merger and acquisition

  • 太狂啦!

    That’s savage!

  • 請把車停在路邊

    Please pull over

  • 我聯絡不上他

    I can’t get hold of her.

  • 官僚習氣

    red tape

  • 女學者、女才子

    blue stocking

  • 搞不好哦…

    You never know.

  • 由店家請客、免費招待

    It’s on the house.

  • 招待飯後甜點

    The dessert comes with the meal.

  • 我晚點會回覆你

    I’ll get back to you.

  • 她的家人生活富裕

    Her family is on easy street.