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Philosophical Ancient Greek

Philosophical Ancient Greek

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Items (15)

  • ἀγορἆ, ἆς, ἡ

    market, market place

  • γενεἆ, ἆς, ἡ

    race, birth

  • διαϕορἆ, ἆς, ἡ

    di/ference, DIFFERENTIA

  • ἔχει

    he, she, or it has.

  • ἔχουσι

    they have.

  • (nom. sing. fem. of def. art.) The.

  • ἤν

    he, she it, or there was.

  • ἤσαν

    they or there were

  • θεἆ, ἆς, ἡ


  • μεταφορἆ, ἆς, ἡ

    transference, metaphor

  • μῑκρἆ, ἆς,

    (microphone), small, little, slight

  • νευρἆ, ἆς, ἡ

    (neuralgia, nerve), bow-string

  • στρατιἆ, ἆς, ἡ

    (strategy), army

  • φορἆ, ἆς, ἡ

    (bear, Lat. FERO), locomotion, movement, TRANSLATIO.

  • (interj. with voc.), O (usually not to be translated.