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Japanese: JLPT N2 Grammar - Pt. 1

Japanese: JLPT N2 Grammar - Pt. 1

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A collection of some of the grammar points found on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, Level 2.

Items (98)

  • after much...ended up (to try many things, but end up with an adverse result)


  • certain limits are extreme so the result will be either abnormal or negative (often expressions of emotion proceed it)


  • so long as... (expresses speaker's judgement, violition, or appeal to the listener


  • on the other hand


  • will just continue (connects to verbs expressing change)


  • on top of that (adds feeling of "also" and commands, prohibitions, requests, or solicitations do not follow)


  • 1. for, in order to (after indicating a goal to actively work towards, the second phrase explains what is necessary or important to achieve that goal) 2. after having (after first doing one thing, another action based on the first will occur)


  • from the standpoint of... (can also be thought as ~ly)


  • while


  • before you know it (links to phrases of continuation)


  • can / cannot be done (not used to indicate something is impossible because of lack of ability)

    〜得る [える/うる]

  • thanks to (always used with positive results)


  • 1. as...gradually (when one thing changes, another thing does) 2. at the same time (two actions occur simultaneously)


  • in; at (describes places, scenes, or conditions something happens. Nearly the same meaning as で)


  • for, according to (shows that as one thing changes, what follows will change accordingly)


  • instead of, in place of (interchangeable with の代わりに)


  • compared to (interchangeable with より)


  • as; in consequence


  • as; with (when one thing changes so does the other. Phrases expressing speaker's intentions (つもり)or appeals to others (Vましょう)do not follow


  • 1. (target) toward (Describes target or person that is the object of actions or feelings. Used when the action or feeling directly affects the other party) 2. (contrast) as opposed to; in contrast to


  • 1. about 2. because of; on account of


  • for; from the viewpoint of


  • as; with (something changes in response to another change)

    〜伴って/〜に伴い/〜に伴う [ともな]

  • 1. because; owing to 2. through 3. by 4. depending on 5. in some cases


  • according to


  • be at the center of, be the focus of


  • regardless of

    〜を問わず [と]

  • including


  • beginning with (emphasizes the breadth of the range outside the representative element)


  • derived from (describes material that creates something)


  • in the middle of

    〜最中に/〜最中だ  [さいちゅう]

  • as soon as; the moment that (often used to convey violition to do something as soon as something else happens)

    〜次第 [しだい]

  • at that time, in that place


  • so much B that it's A (the extent/degree of B is so high that it seems like A


  • because of...; on account of... (shows regret over the cause of some bad result)


  • 1. because... (give a reason (excuse)) 2. so, therefore (explains something unavoidable)


  • 1. be supposed to... (shows an appointment of rule) 2. became a rule; been decided that


  • no need to...


  • have no other way but


  • I've heard that...


  • probably not


  • no reason for...


  • mustn't


  • from ~ to


  • even if...


  • if only


  • neither~or, both~and


  • and~among other things


  • can't do; difficult to...


  • rather~; a little ~

    〜気味 [ぎみ]

  • seem


  • unfinished, half...


  • 1. do (be) completely 2. be able to do til the end; be unable to do til the end


  • do one's best until the end


  • in repsonse to (usually A is a question, wish, request, or hope)


  • in accordance with...

    〜に沿って/〜に沿い/〜に沿う/〜に沿った [そ]

  • not only...


  • even...; of course...


  • regardless of

    〜も構わず [かま]

  • full of (emotion)

    〜を込めて [こ]

  • throughout

    〜を通じて/〜を通して [つう]

  • circulate...; around...


  • 1. as soon as I noticed 2. when I think it may


  • no sooner than...


  • judging from; when it comes to


  • just because...


  • from the viewpoint of...


  • only...


  • in spite of


  • because (tells why something is)


  • to my... (strengthens the speaker's feelings. ex: to my surprise)


  • after...(for a long time)

    〜た末(に)/〜た末の/〜の末(に) [すえ]

  • when something is done, this is the result


  • when doing~also do


  • speaking of (use when talking about somehting typical about the topic)


  • speaking of


  • more than


  • the more~ the more


  • as one thing chanegs, so does the other


  • like


  • be (gradually) doing


  • can't help ~ing


  • merely, only


  • it must be

    〜に相違ない [そうい]

  • only, just (there is no other way)


  • suitable for...


  • bound for, made for


  • by no means, not~ at all


  • shows admiration or a heart felt feeling


  • states a reason whys something is


  • it doesn't mean that


  • used at the end of a sentence when remembering something


  • can't do~ because~


  • even ~


  • from, you can judge, based on


  • now that~, since~


  • as it is~ it can be expected that~


  • becoming of~, worthy of~