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Japanese: JLPT N2 Grammar - Pt. 2

Japanese: JLPT N2 Grammar - Pt. 2

Last update 

More grammar found on the JLPT test, level 2. Once again, not all grammar points found on the test are listed here.

Items (45)

  • when (shows something that should be done in this situation)


  • if (when) talking about~, as far ~ is concerned (followed by a postive sentence)


  • when starting~, when doing~

    〜に際して/〜に際し/〜に際しての [さい]

  • before~, right before~

    〜に先立って/〜に先立ち/〜に先立つ [さきだ]

  • for~ (from the position of)


  • because ~ (slightly strong saying)


  • whenever (at the end of a sentence, a verb showing one's feelings will come)


  • owing to~


  • regardless of


  • through~, by


  • since~ (because a thing happened

    〜を契機に(して)/〜を契機として [けいき]

  • as~ (nouns that show aim, position, role, type, etc, come before として)


  • without


  • when, upon

    〜際(は)/〜際に [さい]

  • while


  • not until


  • but, although (shows how what you're thinking about is wrong or different)


  • far from


  • if one did~


  • if not~ (the following sentence will be negative)


  • though


  • although, even though


  • even if~


  • however, though


  • without


  • not only~ but also, besides


  • on the other hand

    〜反面/〜半面 [はんめん]

  • if (wish for something unattainable)


  • although~, in spite of


  • shall we~, let's ~


  • be possible, be impossible


  • be capable of, be in danger of (used when there is a chance of something bad happening)


  • be hard to~


  • I wonder


  • can't help thinking


  • shows a reason or details (when you want to show the result of something)


  • no way that


  • not necessarily, it's not that


  • possibility of (neither yes or no)


  • always end up~


  • only

    〜に限る/〜に限り/〜に限って [かぎ]

  • not only~ but also


  • there is no doubt that


  • feel like ~


  • no way to~