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Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1, Stage 1

Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1, Stage 1

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Items (39)

  • atrium, reception hall

    atrium, atrii N.

  • dog

    canis, canis M/F

  • cook

    coquus, coqui M.

  • bedroom

    cubiculum, cubiculi N.

  • kitchen

    culina, culinae F.

  • to be

    sum, esse, fui, futurus

  • son

    filius, filii M.

  • garden

    hortus, horti M.

  • in, on, into, onto

    in (prep)

  • to work

    laboro, laborare, laboravi, laboratus

  • mother

    mater, matris F.

  • father

    pater, patris M.

  • to sit

    sedeo, sedere, sedi, sessus

  • slave

    servus, servi M.

  • study

    tablinum, tablini N.

  • dining room

    triclinium, triclinii N.

  • street

    via, viae F.

  • I, me, myself

    me (pronoun)

  • what

    quid (pronoun)

  • nothing

    nihil (undeclined)

  • not

    non (adv.)

  • often

    saepe (adv.)

  • if

    si (conj.)

  • to love, like (amabo te = please)

    amo, amare, amavi, amatus

  • to think, ponder, consider, plan

    cogito, cogitare, cogitavi, cogitatus

  • to owe, ought, must, should

    debeo, debere, debui, debitum

  • to give, offer

    do, dare, dedi, datum

  • to wander, err, go astray, make a mistake

    erro, errare, erravi, erratus

  • to praise

    laudo, laudare, laudavi, laudatus

  • to remind, advise, warn

    moneo, monere, monui, monitus

  • to be well, be in good health

    salveo, salvere

  • hello, greetings

    salve, salvete

  • to preserve, save, keep, guard

    servo, servare, servavi, servatus

  • to preserve, conserve, maintain

    conservo, conservare, conservavi, conservatus

  • to frighten, terrify

    terreo, terrere, terrui, territus

  • to be strong, have power, be well

    valeo, valere, valui, valiturus

  • good-bye, farewell

    vale, valete

  • to see, observe

    video, videre, vidi, visum

  • to call, summon

    voco, vocare, vocavi, vocatus