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Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1, Stage 2

Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1, Stage 2

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Items (40)

  • friend

    amicus, amici M.

  • friend

    amica, amicae F.

  • slave-girl, slave woman

    ancilla, ancillae F.

  • dinner

    cena, cenae F.

  • food

    cibus, cibi M.

  • master, lord

    dominus, domini M.

  • to sleep

    dormo, dormire, dormivi, dormitus

  • to taste

    gusto, gustare, gustavi, gustatus

  • to enter

    intro, intrare, intravi, intratus

  • happy

    laetus, laeta, laetum (adj.)

  • to praise

    laudo, laudare, laudavi, laudatus

  • table

    mensa, mensae F.

  • merchant

    mercator, mercatoris M.

  • also, too

    quoque (adv.)

  • to greet

    saluto, salutare, salutavi, salutatus

  • toga

    toga, togae F.

  • tunic

    tunica, tunicae F.

  • rumor, report, fame, reputation

    fama, famae F.

  • form, shape, beauty

    forma, formae F.

  • fortune, luck

    fortuna, fortunae F.

  • anger

    ira, irae F.

  • sailor

    nauta, nautae M.

  • fatherland, native land, country

    patria, patriae F.

  • money

    pecunia, pecuniae F.

  • philosophy

    philosophia, philosophiae F.

  • penalty, punishment

    poena, poenae F.

  • poet

    poeta, poetae M.

  • gate, entrance

    porta, portae F.

  • girl

    puella, puellae F.

  • rose

    rosa, rosae F.

  • feeling, thought, opinion, vote, sentence

    sententia, sententiae F.

  • life

    vita, vitae F.

  • ancient, old

    antiquus, antiqua, antiquum (adj.)

  • large, great, important

    magnus, magna, magnum (adj.)

  • my

    meus, mea, meum (adj.)

  • much, many

    multus, multa, multum (adj.)

  • your

    tuus, tua, tuum (adj.)

  • O! Oh!

    O! (interjection)

  • without

    sine (prep.) + ablative case

  • to be

    sum, esse, fui, futurus