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Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1, Stage 3

Cambridge Latin Course Unit 1, Stage 3

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Items (44)

  • to

    ad (prep.)

  • to drink

    bibo, bibere, bibi, bibitus

  • to look around

    circumspecto, circumspectare, circumspectavi, circumspectatus

  • to shout

    clamo, clamare, clamavi, clamatus

  • see! look!

    ecce! (interjection)

  • and

    et (conj.)

  • to go out, exit

    exeo, exire, exii, exitus

  • to wait for, exspect

    exspecto, exspectare, exspectavi, exspectatus

  • forum, business center

    forum, fori N.

  • door, gate

    ianua, ianuae F.

  • angry

    iratus, irata, iratum (adj.)

  • lion

    leo, leonis M.

  • big, large, great

    magnus, magna, magnum (adj.)

  • ship

    navis, navis F.

  • not

    non (adv.)

  • to carry

    porto, portare, portavi, portatus

  • to reply, answer

    respondeo, respondere, respondi, responsus

  • to laugh, smile

    rideo, ridere, risi, risus

  • hello!


  • to get up, rise

    surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrectus

  • store, shop, inn

    taberna, tabernae F.

  • to see

    video,videre, vidi, visus

  • house, villa

    villa, villae F.

  • wine

    vinum, vini N.

  • field, farm

    ager, agri M.

  • farmer

    agricola, agricolae M.

  • friend

    amicus, amici M.

  • friend

    amica, amicae F.

  • woman

    femina, feminae F.

  • daughter

    filia, filiae F.

  • son

    filius, filii M.

  • number

    numerus, numeri M.

  • the people, a people, a nation

    populus, populi M.

  • boy; pl. = boys or children

    puer, pueri M.

  • wisdom

    sapienta, sapientae F.

  • man, hero

    vir, viri M.

  • greedy, avaricious

    avarus, avara, avarum (adj.)

  • few, a few

    pauci, paucae, pauca (adj.)

  • Roman

    Romanus, Romana, Romanum (adj.)

  • down from, from, concerning, about

    de (prep.) + ablative

  • today

    hodie (adv.)

  • always

    semper (adv.)

  • to have, hold, possess, consider, regard

    habeo, habere, habui, habitus

  • to satisfy, to sate

    satio, satiare, satiavi, satiatus