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Organelles of a Cell

Organelles of a Cell

Last update 

This pack is designed to allow one to memorise the essential parts and aspects of a cell.

Items (11)

  • Mitochondria

    Site of Celular Respiration

  • Smooth Endoplasmic Recticulum

    Synthesis of lipids, charbohydrate metablolism

  • Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum

    Folding and modefication of proteins

  • Nucleus

    Contains most genetic material, regulates all cell activity

  • Golgi Apparatus

    Modification of proteins from Endoplasimic Reticulum, storage of proteins and lipids

  • Ribosomes

    Synthesis of polypeptides

  • Plasma Membrane

    Forms the boundry of the cell, regulates movement

  • Cell Wall

    Maintains cell shape, prevents excesive water uptake, found only in plant cells

  • Chloroplasts

    Site of photosynthesis

  • Vacuole

    Storage facilities, stores inorganic waste in plants

  • Lysosomes

    Digestion of macro-molecules