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Vocabulario de Argentina

Vocabulario de Argentina

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Palabras y Frases Comunes de Argentina

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Items (93)

  • Good/Alright


  • That's awesome!

    Qué bueno!

  • Ok/Sure


  • Wow, look at you/Is that right?

    Mira vos!

  • The thing is...

    Pasa que...

  • Yes exactly/I agree

    (Sí) Tal cual

  • The party starts around 9.

    La fiesta empieza tipo 9.

  • How's it going man?

    Todo bien che?

  • It's all good.

    Sí, todo bien.

  • It's finished/Forget about it.

    Ya fue.

  • Like/You know/Um (filler word)

    Muletilla (f)

  • You know?


  • I don’t like going to the beach, you know, there’s always a lot of people.

    No me gusta ir a la playa, viste, siempre hay mucha gente.

  • Ya, but they’re crazy, you know?

    Sí, pero son locas viste?

  • I mean...

    O sea...

  • Well, I don't know, I mean, what else can I do?

    Bueno, no sé, o sea, que más puedo hacer?

  • I don't know

    Que sé yo

  • No, I want to stay at home to, I don't know, clean or watch tv.

    No, quiero quedarme en casa para, que sé yo, limpiar, ver tele.

  • It's possible/Maybe/We'll see.

    Puede ser

  • It’s posible I will go to London.

    Puede ser que vaya a Londres.

  • I might go to a party/maybe I'll go to a party.

    Puede ser que vaya a una fiesta.

  • Do you want to go? Ya, maybe/we´ll see.

    Querés ir? Si, puede ser.

  • Maybe/Might


  • I might go to a party/maybe I'll go to a party.

    Capaz que vaya a una fiesta.

  • Downer/Something that sucks

    Bajón (f)

  • That sucks.

    Que bajón.

  • to tolerate

    Bancar (v)

  • I can’t put up with it anymore.

    No me lo banco más.

  • Something that is outrageous

    Barbaridad (f)

  • Great/Wonderful/Cool


  • It was a great party.

    Estuvo bárbara la fiesta.

  • Awesome/Sweet!

    Que bárbaro!

  • Bug/Insect, Critter, Little Animal

    Bicho (m)

  • Metal straw with a filter on the end (used to drink mate.)

    Bombilla (f)

  • Refers to a dance club/disco in Argentina. (They don´t say disco, nor do they say club.)

    Boliche (m)

  • Something stupid, ridiculous, or really easy.

    Boludez (f)

  • The transportation system is ridiculous.

    El sistema de transporte es una boludez.

  • The course was a joke.

    El curso fue una boludez.

  • To call someone a moron, an idiot, or a jerk (not a swear word but not nice.)


  • Hey man.

    Che boludo.

  • No way man, it's really expensive.

    Ni loco boludo, sale muy caro.

  • What? Dude, it's friday, don't stay at home.

    Que? Boludo, es viernes, no se queda en casa.

  • The police/cops

    Cana (f)

  • Cool/Great (referring to a person)

    Capo (adj.)

  • Your friend is really great.

    Tu amigo es un capo.

  • Sucks, crap, a mess

    Cagada (f)

  • The process is a mess.

    El proceso es una cagada.

  • A guy

    Chabón (m)

  • A smooth talker/sweet talker

    Chamuyero (n)

  • Sweet talking/Trying to pick someone up/Scamming someone

    Chamuyar (v)

  • Suck-up/Brown noser

    Chupamedias (f)

  • To suck or drink (alcohol)

    Chupar (v)

  • A man/Hey (to get someone's attention)

    Che (m)

  • Hey, over here!

    Che, por acá!

  • Later, man.

    Chau che.

  • Come on man, let me in.

    Vamos che, dejame pasar.

  • Snobby

    Cheto, Concheto (m)

  • It is a very snobby place.

    Es un lugar muy cheto.

  • City bus in Argentina.

    Colectivo (m)

  • Cool/Good (referring to people, places, or events)

    Copado/a (adj.)

  • Your brother is really cool.

    Tu hermano es muy copado.

  • A female prostitute or whore (someone acting like a prostitute) or gay person

    Gato (m)

  • Something or someone that is great or awesome.

    Groso (adj.)

  • That's great!

    Qué groso.

  • Money

    Guita (f)

  • Pesos

    Mangos (m)

  • Refers to a girl/woman (teens and up). Slightly degrading.

    Mina (f)

  • Used to talk about a situation or person in a good way.

    Onda (m)

  • Your friend has a great vibe/is really cool.

    Tu amigo tiene muy buena onda.

  • An idiot/moron/jerk (like boludo but not friendly.)


  • A kid, boy/girl (more common to use for a boy)

    Pibe (m)

  • A joint/weed

    Porro/Faso (m)

  • Person from Buenos Aires/Something typical in Argentina


  • That bar is very typical in Argentina.

    Ese bar es bien porteño.

  • Cigarette

    Pucho (m)

  • A mess/disaster/chaos

    Quilombo (m)

  • T-shirt

    Remera (f)

  • A touch/little bit

    Toque (m)

  • It’s missing just a touch of salt.

    Falta un toque de sal.

  • Fake/counterfeit items

    Trucho/a (adj. or m/f n)

  • I bought a counterfeit t-shirt.

    Compré una remera trucha.

  • Do nothing/Hang out

    Boludear (v)

  • I don't know, eat something and hang out.

    No sé, comemos algo y boludeamos.

  • We are hanging out at Martina's house.

    Nos quedamos boludeando en la casa de Martina

  • Mess

    Despelote (m)

  • My room is a mess.

    Mi habitación es un despelote.

  • A party

    Joda (f)

  • Fart


  • I am doing nothing.

    Estoy al pedo.

  • Drunk

    ...en pedo.

  • Something that sucks.

    Malísimo (adj.)

  • Try and recover (from hangover)


  • You are really pretty.

    Sos re linda.