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Wardlaw's Nutrition Chapter 2

Wardlaw's Nutrition Chapter 2

Last update 

Wardlaw's Nutrition chapter 2 vocabulary

Items (15)

  • DRA

    dietary reference intakes, made by Food/Nutrition board of Nat. Academy of Sciences

  • EAR

    estimated average reqs, meet needs of 50% of age group

  • RDA

    reccomended dietary allowance, meets needs of 97-98% of age group

  • AI

    adequate intake, for nutrtients w/o enough info

  • nutrient density

    nutrient / RDV

  • "empty calorie foods"

    high in added fats/sugars

  • DV

    daily balue, standard from FDA

  • RDI

    reference daily inake, standard for vitamins/minerals

  • DRV

    daily reference value, standard for most major nutrients

  • nutrient content claims

    describe nutrients in food "low-fat" "sugar-free"

  • health claims

    related to decrease in disease "+ calcium = - osteoperosis," etc

  • structure/function claims

    affects body "+ iron = + stronger blood"

  • energy density

    kcal / g

  • high energy dense foods

    graham crackers, chocolate chip cookies, bacon

  • low energy dense foods

    lettuce, salsa, grapefruit