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The Scarlet Letter Vocabulary (ZCHS AP Lit & Comp)

The Scarlet Letter Vocabulary (ZCHS AP Lit & Comp)

Last update 

Zionsville Community High School's AP Literature & Composition classes have to learn and memorize sets of tonal vocabulary for books that they read (in this case "The Scarlet Letter") for tests every month or so.

Items (18)

  • Austere

    Grave, serious, sober (sober = serious or solemn)

  • Benevolent

    Suggestive of goodwill, kindness, generosity

  • Bitter

    Exhibiting strong animosity as a result of pain or grief

  • Compassionate

    Sympathetic and showing concern for others

  • Derisive

    Ridiculing, mocking

  • Disdainful

    Scornful, feeling or belief that something or someone is worthless or despicable

  • Didactic

    Speaker or author attempts to educate or instruct the reader

  • Funereal

    Having the mournful, somber character of a funeral; sepulchral; gloomy

  • Jovial


  • Lamentable

    Mournful; marked by regret

  • Learned

    Scholarly; erudite

  • Malevolent

    Having or showing a desire to harm another; arising from intense and vicious ill will, spite, or hatred; malicious

  • Melancholic


  • Morose

    Gloomy, sullen, surly, despondent

  • Pedantic

    1) Unimaginative and dull; 2) Narrowly or stodgily (Very old-fashioned) or often very ostentatiously learned

  • Reverent

    Treating a subject with honor and respect

  • Solemn

    Sad and serious; somber

  • Woeful

    Wretched, unhappy