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  • 喂不要插隊!

    Hey, DO NOT cut in line!

  • 請你排隊!

    Wait in line, PLEASE!

  • 他的義大利麵CP值高到破表!

    Its spaghetti is an absolute bargain!

  • 不要再宅了好嗎?

    Stop being a homebody!

  • 你很雷欸!

    You are such a slacker!

  • 不要再雷我了好嗎?

    Stop loafin’ me, okay?

  • 可以幫我們拍張照嗎?

    Could you take a picture for us please?

  • 不要在我屋裏放閃!

    NO PDA in my house!

  • 他講話超油的!

    His tongue is always glib.

  • 我現在只想耍廢!

    I just wanna veg now.

  • 你剛不小心走光了

    You just suffered from a wardrobe malfunction.

  • 這太誇張了啦

    That’s ridiculous!