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Wardlaw's Nutrition: Digestion!

Wardlaw's Nutrition: Digestion!

Last update 

Items (54)

  • Epithelial tissue

    covers surfaces in/out of body; skin linings

  • connective tissue

    supports/protects body; cartilage, tendons, bone

  • muscle tissue


  • nervous tissue

    tranmits nerve impulses

  • organs

    tissues combined to act out functions

  • organ system

    organs working together

  • digestive system

    processes food/nutrients

  • nervous system

    sensory + brain

  • cardiovascular system


  • endocrine system


  • lymphatic/immune system

    immune defense

  • urinary system

    water filtration

  • integumentary system

    skin, hair, nails

  • skeletal system


  • muscle system


  • respiratory system


  • reproductive system

    creation of life

  • microbiome

    microorganisms living in body

  • alimentary canal

    tube from mouth to anus

  • prebiotics

    food that promotes gut flora

  • prostoglandins

    create mucus

  • sphincter

    muscular valve, controls flow of foodstuffs

  • lumen

    inside of GI tract

  • peristalsis

    muscular contractions; mixes food, pushes it along

  • hydrolysis reactions

    break down with water

  • digestive enzymes

    break down food

  • bolus

    ball of food being digested

  • epiglottis

    flap which covers trachea, keeps food from entering

  • trachea


  • larynx

    beginning of trachea

  • hormones

    chemical compounds that regulate activity

  • parietal cell

    secretes HCl

  • gastin

    stimulates HCl and pepsin secretion

  • pesinogen

    inactive, precursor to pepsin

  • pepsin

    protein-digesting enzyme

  • chief cells

    secrete pepsinogen

  • chyme

    liquid mixture of stomach secretions and food

  • duodenum

    first segment of small intestine

  • jejunum

    2nd secment of small intestine

  • ileum

    3rd segment of small intestine

  • enterohepatic circulation

    system of bile recycling

  • endocytosis

    active absorption

  • hepatic portal vein system

    veins leaving GI system

  • lacteals

    tiny vessels in SI that absorb fat

  • dysbiosis

    imbalance in gut flora

  • fermentation

    breakdown of organic compounds, anaerobic bacteria

  • probiotics

    live microorganisms, healthy benefit to host

  • peptic ulcer

    hole in stomach lining

  • hiatal hernia

    protrusion of stomach upward through diaphragm

  • anemia

    decreased oxygen-carrying in cells

  • gallstones

    cholesterol-based crystalline deposits in gallbladder

  • food intolerances

    inability to digest certain foods

  • disorders of the GI system

    diarrhea, constipation, IBS, IBD, gallstones, and more! :D

  • villi

    mucus "fingers" that propel food through LI