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Business terms

Business terms

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  • Leadership

    art of motivating people towards common objctive

  • Autocratic leadership

    leadership style that keeps decision making at the centre of organisation

  • Democartic ladership

    leadership style that promotes active participation of workforce in decision making

  • Paternalistic leadership

    leadership style based on approach that mangager thinks he is in better position than workers to know what is best for the organisation

  • Laissez-faire leadership

    leadership style the leaves workforce with much decision making - 'hands-off' approach

  • Informal leader

    person with no fomal authority but has respect of colleagues and has some power over them

  • Emotional intelligence

    ability of manager to understand his own emotion and those that he works with, to achieve better working performance

  • Motivation

    internal and external factors that stimulate people take action and achieve a goal

  • Self-actualisation

    sense of self-fulfillment reached by feeling enriched and developed by what one learnt and achieved

  • Herzberg's motivators

    aspects of the job that lead to positive job satisfaction

  • Herzberg's hygiene factors

    aspects of the job that have potential to cause dissatisfaction

  • Job enrichment

    aims to use full capabilities of workers by giving them the opportunity to do more challenging and fulfilling work

  • Salary

    annual income that is usually paid on monthly basis

  • Commision

    payment to a salesperson for each sale he makes

  • Bonus

    additional payment to the contracted wage or salary

  • Performance-related pay

    bonus scheme to reward staff for above-average work performance

  • Job rotation

    increasing flexibility anf variety of work of worker by switching his job from one to another

  • Job enlargement

    increasing scope of work by broadening or deepening his task

  • Job redesign

    restructuring worker's job with his inolvement and agreement to make work more interesting and satisfying

  • Quality circles

    voluntary group of workers who meet up regularly to discuss work-related issues and problems

  • Team-working

    group of workers undertake one complete unit of work

  • Human resource management

    strategic approach to effective workforce management to help organisation gain competitive advantage

  • Recruitment

    identifying need for new employee, defining job and type of person needed, and attracting suitable candidates

  • Selection

    interview, test and screen candidates for vacant post

  • Job description

    detailed list of key points about job- key tasks and responsibilities

  • Person specification

    detialed list of qualities, skills and qualifications a successful applicant should have

  • Employment contract

    legal docment that sets out terms and conditions governing worker's job

  • Labour turnover

    rate at which employees leave an organisation

  • Training

    work-related education to increase workforce skills and efficiency

  • Induction training

    introductory training programme to familiarise worker with business system and site layout

  • On-the-job training

    instruction at the workplace on how the job is carried out

  • Off-the-job training

    training undertaken away from business

  • Employee appraisal

    assessment on worker's effectiveness against pre-set objectives

  • Dismissal

    sack a worker from job due to incompetence or breach of discipline

  • Unfair dismissal

    ending employment contract for reason the law regards as being unfair

  • Redundancy

    when job is no longer required, making the employee unecessary through no fault of his

  • Work-life balance

    situation where right amount of time and effort is given to work and personal life

  • Equality policy

    practices aiming at achieving fair organisation where everyone is treated the same way and has the opportunity to fulfill their potential

  • Diversity policy

    practices aiming at mixed workforce and positive value is placed on diversity

  • Manager

    responsible for setting objectives, organising resources and motivating staff so organisation's aims' met