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Items (21)

  • Abate

    To Lower/reduce

  • paragon

    excellent model

  • abaft

    to the rear of

  • a bas

    down with

  • abase

    to lower physically/in rank

  • abash

    kill self confidence

  • abatoir


  • abaxial

    away from axis

  • abess

    superior nun

  • abdicate

    to relinquish

  • abeam

    off to the side of a ship or plane

  • aberant


  • abet

    to encourage

  • abeyance

    temporary inactivity

  • abhor

    to hate vividly

  • abhorrent

    strongly opposed

  • abinitio

    from the beginning

  • abiogenesis

    spontaneous generation

  • abiogenic

    not produced by action of living organisms

  • abiotic

    not biotic

  • apathetic

    not having or showing much emotion