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Polymer Polycondensation

Polymer Polycondensation

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Items (7)

  • Name 2 polymerisation methods other than polycondensation to synthesize PA

    1. anionic ring opening polymerizaion of lactames... 2. metathesis polymerization of lactames

  • Name 2 polymerisation methods of polycondensation to synthesize PA

    1. Interfacial polycondensation of diamines and dicarboxylic acid... 2. polycondensation of aminocarboxylic acids.

  • What is the correlation between conversion p and reaction time t in case of autocatalyzed dicarboxylic acid and diol?

    1/(1-p) ~ sqrt(t)

  • How can the conversion time correlation be exerimentally demonstrated?

    Determine the conversion per titration and plot against time.

  • What can be done to regulate the molecular weight of a polycondensate?

    1. Set condensation equilibrium (if water released, add water) 2. add monofuctional compounds so no endgroup to react... 3. Control reaction time

  • what says carothers equation?

    Polymerisationsgrad = 1/(1-p) for polycondensation

  • where occurse Schotten-Baumann-Reaction

    in interfactional polycondensation for PA(6,10)