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Vocabulary A2 (1)

Vocabulary A2 (1)

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  • appointment

    An appointment with someone is an arrangement to see them at a particular time

  • assistant

    Some'sone assistant is a person who helps them in their work

  • boss

    Your boss is the person in charge of you at the place where you work

  • chemist

    A chemist is a person who prepares and sells medicines in a pharmacy. A chemist is a scientist who studies chemistry.

  • coach

    A coach is someone who is in charge of teaching a person or a sports team

  • department

    A department is one of the sections in an organization such as a business

  • earn

    If you earn money, you receive money for work that you do

  • firefighter

    A firefighter is a person whose job is to put out fires

  • mechanic

    A mechanic is a person whose job is to repair machines and engines, especially car engines

  • off

    If you have time off, you do not go to work

  • receptionist

    A receptionist in a hotel is a person whose job is to answer the telephone and deal with visitors

  • sales assistant

    A sale assistant is a person who works in a shop

  • staff

    The staff of an organization are the people who work for it

  • uniform

    A uniform is the special clothes that some people wear to work in

  • ankle

    Your ankle is the part of your body where your foot joins your leg

  • back

    Your back is the part of your body from your neck to your waist that is on the opposite side to your chest

  • blood

    Blood is the red liquid that flows inside your body

  • bone

    Your bones are the hard parts inside your body

  • brain

    Your brain is the organ inside your head that controls your body's activities and allows you to think and to feel things

  • breath

    Breath is the air that you let out through your mouth when you breathe

  • chest

    Your chest is the top part of the front of your body

  • finger

    Your fingers are the long thin parts at the end of each hand

  • heart

    Your heart is the part inside your chest that makes the blood move around your body

  • hip

    Your hips are the 2 areas or bones at the sides of your body between the tops of your legs and your waist

  • knee

    Your knee is the part in the middle of your leg where it bends

  • lip

    Your lips are the two outer parts of the edge of your mouth

  • liver

    Your liver is he large organ in your body that cleans your blood

  • lung

    Your lungs are the 2 large organs inside your chest that you use for breathing

  • nail

    Your nails are the thin hard parts that grow at the ends of your fingers and toes

  • stomach

    Your stomach is the organ inside your body where food goes when you eat it

  • throat

    Your throat is at the back of your mouth, where you swallow

  • toe

    Your toes are 5 parts at the end of your foot

  • waist

    Your waist is the middle part of your body

  • wrist

    Your wrist is the part between your hand and your arm that bends when you move your hand