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Polymer Polyinsertion

Polymer Polyinsertion

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  • In polyinsertion why is the extraction with Methyl Ether Ketone (MEK) and toluene necessary?

    To separate atactic and isotactic polystyrene. atactic is soluble in them.

  • Why dont we get pure isotactic polymers with some Ziegler catalysts?

    Cause for some catalysts the backflip is hindered.

  • What is the Natta-(Zig-Zag-) projection?

    Natta backbone is positioned in the plane, whereas the dark triangle shows the orientation of the substituent out of the paper and the dashed line to behind of the plane.

  • What is the Fisher projection?

    In Fischer-Projection, the horizontal lines correspond to the bonds sticking out to the point of view, whereas the vertical line represent the carbon back-bone.

  • What PE is created with high pressure production?

    LDPE with large branching cause oxygen cannot be prevented from entering.