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Polymer ROMP

Polymer ROMP

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  • What was the visual difference you observed when precipitating the polymer of ROMP for the first and second time?

    First red then orange.

  • Why are orange and red colours occuring at ROMP.

    Ruthenium ion looks red, when ethyl vinylether is added it gets a fisher carbene and looks orange.

  • What is ethyl vinyl ether used for in ROMP and what is being formed after addition?

    Ethyl vinyl ether was used to deactivate the catalyst by forming a fisher carbene.

  • Could be 1-pentene used to stop the ROMP reaction instead of ethyl vinyl ether?

    As 1-pentene is a weak electron donor, the formation of the Fischer carbene is less favorable. Therefore stopping the polymerization is not so effective.

  • Why has the catalyst solution to be added as quickly as possible in ROMP?

    To get a uniform length of polymer chains, all polymer chains must start growing at the same time.